Does Protein Powder go Bad? (3 storage tips)

In this brief article, we will discuss the question Does Protein Powder go Bad and How to protect it.

Does Protein Powder go Bad?

Protein Powder goes bad but it can be used after the expiry date because of its component which takes time to diminish. Manufacturers refer to a specific date for any product which should be followed for a safe life. Some days can be accepted after expiry.

The loss of any product depends on its nature and what kind of specification it has. Some are light-sensitive, some are heat sensitive some have to be stored in the fridge and some have to store in a dry place. So, it varies. We always understand the nature of the product here. Protein powder is sensitive to high temperature. It must be kept in a cool place, Moisture free.

How to tell if Protein Powder has gone bad:

If protein powder smells bad, becomes solid in the form of a ball, tastes bitter and discoloration starts its mean Protein Powder has gone bad.

It smells bad many people do not recognize it by its smell. It’s a bit tricky but remember one thing if it smells off usually it gives a delightful smell but when it turns off or unpleasant it means symptoms appear.

When protein powder contacts with water or we place it at the side of the basin it has a chance that some water content mixes with protein powder which forms clumps. Clumps are hard and cannot swallow so this condition is of bad protein powder.

The foremost sense is taste and it is a wonderful sense to examine bad or good. If its taste is unusual for you and gives a sour or bitter taste then it might be bad.

Consuming Bad Protein Powder lead to diseases:

If you consume bad protein powder it is obvious to get stomach upset and food poisoning may occur. Food poisoning is increasing worldwide day by day. It also causes other disorders like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Who to Store Protein efficiently:

Make sure to put protein powder in the enclosed pack. Air is an agent which contains oxygen and when it freely combines with protein powder it makes protein bad. So, make sure to pack the protein powder in an airtight bag.

  1. Always avoid moisture and keep it in a cool and dry place. Protection increases the duration of wellness. Protect it from sunlight. The temperature always plays a vital role in spoilage. High temperatures destabilize the component and make it bad.
  2. Place it in a cool, dry, and dark place which might be a kitchen cabinet or cupboard. Avoid it from oxygen, sunlight, and water. In the presence of oxygen, oxidation occurs which spoils the protein powder.
  3. It is most probably used for muscle building. So it is better to use it before the expiry date. Mostly it is used in protein shakes which have a general life span of 24 hours. If you do not want to eat a lot to meet your allowance for protein powder is a good option.

Macro Nutrient: protein

Macronutrients are carbohydrates, protein, and fat very essential and sources of energy. Specifically, Protein is good for the immune system and supports many organs like the heart, brain, and skin. Its vital role is in muscle building.

In this supplement, all protein sources are used as animals, eggs, peas, soy, and rice. All other fiber, carbs are removed and flavor, sugar added to their composition.

Every single body requires protein up to some limit. According to RDA 0.8g per kg.

For example, if our weight is 200 pounds then the required protein is 70 g.

Some athletes increase their progress by increasing their protein intake but it doesn’t suit all other bodies. It depends on minimum work out and more protein leads to more muscle which is dangerous.

Digestion of protein powder:

If your metabolism is not quick and fast then taking protein powder makes your health bad. Every diet plan sets according to physical work and a suitable diet. You may feel sick irrespective of good or bad protein powder because high intake and slow digestion lead to diseases. Fibers are essential for digestion and in protein powder supplement we find no fiber so it makes indigestion.

Digestion and absorption are key points for your health and all diseases come from your diet so make sure whatever you eat is nutritious or junk.

Always use the product before the expiry date to avoid risk factors. Don’t throw protein powder immediately after expiry but use it after months is not accurate. You have used your senses to make sure whether your protein powder is still good for continuously used or not.


In this brief article, we have discussed the question: Does Protein Powder go Bad and how to protect it. 


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