Does pie crust have eggs?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “Does pie crust have eggs?” We will also discuss why eggs are used and the difference in the crust that is made without eggs.

Does pie crust have eggs?

No, pie crust doesn’t have eggs. It is commonly made up of only flour, salt, water, sugar, and a type of oil, typically butter.

Although there are egg-filled pie crusts available too, the pie will be fine without them. It’s mostly a matter of taste.

If you don’t want to use eggs, you may prepare a pie without them. In fact, most pie doughs are created this way! If you do decide to include one egg, here’s how it will affect the recipe.

There is no water in the Italian and French pie crusts but they do have eggs.

American pies don’t use eggs. However, eggs are used in Italian and French pie crusts, ranging from a single egg thrown in for good measure to simply eggs and no water.

It all depends on the recipe you’re using. In general, egg-based pie crusts are more delicate and flavorful.

Why are eggs used in a pie crust?

If you opt to include an egg in your pie crust, the dough will cling together much better. Eggs also add moisture to the mix due to which gluten will not make strong bonds in the pie dough, making the dough more delicate.

It’s also the key to rolling out pie dough and then laying it on the pie plate. The egg gives the pie crust flexibility that it wouldn’t have without.

When you make a pie crust without eggs, it becomes crumbly, which is ideal for some pies. If you’re making a heavier pie, such as a pumpkin pie, include eggs in the ingredients to keep dough consistent.

Can you use anything else than eggs in a pie crust?

Yes, if you don’t want to use eggs, you can use any ingredient that imparts moisture to the dough.  

The egg’s purpose is to offer moisture.

Increase the butter to make up for the excess fat. You may replace the egg white with ground flax seeds and water if you don’t have any egg whites.

Aquafaba, the left-over water from garbanzo beans, is another option. Because it’s primarily water, be wary when using it too much or you’ll end up with a dough that’s too soft.

One thing to keep in mind regarding eggs in pie crust: they keep gluten from making too many connections. We don’t know how flax seeds or aquafaba might affect this.

Is vegan pie crust available in the market?

Yes, vegan pie crust is available in the market. There are various brands that offer vegan-based pie crust. Because not all companies are the same, it’s not safe to assume that they all employ vegan-friendly ingredients.

Take a look at the components. You’re okay if they merely state water, sugar, margarine, flour, and salt. If you’re vegan or lactose sensitive, be aware that lactose is also available in such products, and some businesses may utilize it in their goods.

Keep an eye out for powdered milk, yogurt powder, fat, or any other component that isn’t labeled with its origin.

Raised Gluten Free, Sara Lee, Claim Jumper, and Whole Foods are some of the companies that sell vegan ready-made pies. These may be found in the frozen food department of most supermarkets.

What is pie crust made of? 

Pie crust is made of basic items such as flour, oil, and water. It is not that difficult to make. Following are the ingredients used in it:


Flour is used to add strength, structure, and flexibility to baked goods. It’s a binder that binds everything together. We prefer normal all-purpose flour over cake flour for pie crusts.


In pie crust, you can use shortening, butter, oil, and lard, all of which have various effects. The greatest taste and a lovely melting quality in the tongue come from butter, but it does not create the softest pastry. Shortening and lard produce a delicate dough, but their flavor isn’t necessarily ideal for a sweet pie.

The crust will have cracks if the fat is left in big bits. The crust will be soft and crumbly if it is more fully integrated into the flour.


The steam created in the pie crust by the liquid raises the dough and generates flakes. It’s also absorbed into the flour, which aids in the formation of gluten. If you use too little liquid, the dough will not stay together; but, if you use too much, you’ll wind up with a hard crust.


Although it may seem strange to include salt, a sprinkle or two adds flavor without making the crust salty.  


Sugar isn’t used in all pie crusts, but those that are will be more delicate since sugar inhibits gluten formation. Sugar makes the pie dough so soft that it’s difficult to spread and transfer to another pan.


The dough will be more malleable and easier to roll out as a result of this. The crust is also made more compact with the addition of eggs.

Acid and Alcohol 

Both of the ingredients tenderize pie crust, making it easier to lay out and stopping it from shrinking. If you’re having difficulties with these, try replacing them with lemon juice or liquor. Vodka is frequently utilized since it has little effect on the dough’s taste.

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In this brief article, we answered the question “Does pie crust have eggs?” We also discussed why eggs are used and the difference in the crust that is made without eggs.


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