Does Pepsi own Dr Pepper?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “does Pepsi own dr pepper?” We will also discuss what is dr pepper and who really owns it and also explore why it is usually confused as a Pepsi partner. In the end, we will discuss the ingredients of dr pepper and explain how they are harmful to your health. 

Does Pepsi own Dr Pepper?

No, Pepsi does not own Dr Pepper but the two do work together to facilitate the bottling procedure. 

Coke and Dr Pepper attempted to unite for financial reasons. The merger was not successful because the two firms would create a monopoly in the beverage sector. 

Unlike coke, Pepsi was not as associated with Dr Pepper, but they still play a significant part in their distribution network. Coke was allowed to distribute Dr Pepper in many regions of the world, until recently. 

Dr Pepper’s foreign distribution rights are also owned by the Pepsi bottling group. These rights, however, are in places where Dr Pepper does not have a large market share. Dr Pepper also bottles its goods in their plants. 

Who owns Dr Pepper?

Right now, Keurig Green Mountain owns Dr Pepper, which bought it from Snapple group for $18.7 billion in July 2018. Currently, the united company is known as Keurig Dr Pepper, the third-largest beverage industry in North America. 

Is Dr Pepper older than Coca-Cola?

Yes, in the 1880s, a pharmacist invented Dr Pepper. In 1885, it was first introduced before Coca-cola, it was the same year that the term “Dr Pepper” was used. It was presented as a brand of soda in the United States in 1904 with 23 varieties. 

What are the ingredients in Dr Pepper? 

Dr Pepper’s formula is a secret, and nobody knows the exact method of preparation.

Prune juice was thought to be one of Dr Pepper’s secret components. But this is a rumor that has circulated since the 1930s, and It’s unclear when it originated.

Also, it contains caffeine. For added flavor, most refreshment beverage firms utilize caffeine in their soft drinks.

Is Dr Pepper bad for health?

High fructose corn syrup is the first item that may cause trouble. Tooth decay has been related to it. 

Caramel color is another component included in Dr Pepper that is also found in other soda brands. It is an ingredient associated with liver issues and white blood cell and lymphocyte levels.

Another chemical present in it is Phosphoric acid, which has been demonstrated to be potentially harmful to the kidneys. It may also induce calcium loss in the bones, which can contribute to osteoporosis.

Artificial flavors are also used. They have been related to a wide range of negative effects.

In a 20 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper, there is roughly 100mg of salt. This is just around 4% of the daily recommended salt intake of 2,300 mg per day. 

By drinking it daily, you can intake hundreds of milligrams of sodium. If you’re attempting to keep your salt levels under control, keep this in mind. 

Diet Dr Pepper uses aspartame, an artificial sweetener. 

Aspartame is the most frequently used sweetener, and it’s also one of the most debated because of its potential health risks. Possible correlations to cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression, and more have been discovered. 

The following are some of the most serious issues about aspartame:


There is a substantial amount of evidence that aspartame causes cancer in rats throughout the course of their lives. Aspartame has also been suggested for the large rise in brain tumors that occurred in the years after its release.

Heart disease 

Based on the facts, a number of well-known cardiologists have dejected aspartame. According to 2014 research, women who consumed more than two diet beverages per day had higher cardiovascular events.

Brain damage 

Diet drinks have been linked to a threefold increased risk of stroke and dementia, according to studies. Methanol has also been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, which is a by-product of aspartame in the body.  

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In this brief article, we answered the question “does Pepsi own dr pepper?” We also discussed what dr pepper is, who really owns it and also explored why it is usually confused as a Pepsi partner. In the end, we discussed the ingredients of dr pepper and explained how they are harmful to your health.