Does pasta have eggs in it?

In this brief article we will answer the question does pasta have egg and Five health benefits of egg pasta noodles

Does pasta have eggs in it?

Most kinds of pasta do not contain egg as an integral ingredient. Therefore, pasta usually contains no animal-derived ingredients. Those that do contain an egg are fresh kinds of pasta and it (egg) is mentioned on the label or the ingredient list.

Egg Noodles:

Egg noodles are the type of Pasta noodles in which there is egg as a major ingredient. It is used in casseroles, stroganoff and sometimes served with red sauce or cream sauce. It always contains eggs but can be made with whole eggs or just egg whites.

If egg noodles are made of just egg white or are yolk free it has a lower cholesterol level. It may have the same flavor as whole egg pasta. In general, whole wheat egg noodles have a heavy texture and a nutty flavor to them

Fresh pasta:

Fresh pasta is made of simple dough with ingredients egg and flour, the flour used depends on choice. Sometimes all-purpose flour is used or high gluten flour is used. Kneading of dough is done to make bread and then the flour is passed through the rollers.

The rolled flour continuously goes through the process of kneading and rolling until it reaches the desired thinness. It is then cut into long noodles and formed into tortellini and ravioli

Unlike Fresh Pasta, dry pasta does not have any eggs in it. The basic ingredients of dry pasta are semolina flour and the kneaded flour is rolled to obtain noodles.

Homemade whole wheat pasta:

Homemade pasta is just like fresh pasta but has two eggs in it as an ingredient. You can make this type of pasta at home by combining 2 cups of flour, two eggs, a pinch of salt, and water as required to form a dough. The kneaded paste is then rolled by hand or pasta machine depending on availability

These are some common types of pasta in which egg is used as the basic ingredient. The number of eggs added, type of flour used and addition of other ingredients like sugar or water is done as needed. Some of the health benefits of egg in pasta noodles are:

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Health benefits of egg in pasta:

  1. Energy balance:

The total fat in one serving of egg pasta is 6 grams and the energy of these fats is 54 calories. Pasta made of eggs fit all the requirements of fat in one serving and is 62% of daily fat intake. It is a healthy food with proper energy intake in pasta

  1. Provides minerals:

Fresh pasta which has egg as a basic ingredient is a good source of iron and zinc. A 3/4th cup of pasta gives 83% of total iron when consumed. It is 65% of daily iron intake for men and 29% for females.

Fresh Pasta also provides zinc and delivers about 1.3 milligrams of total zinc intake in men and 16% daily intake for women. Zinc is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system.

  1. Source of Vitamins:

Pasta which has an egg as a basic ingredient is a great source of vitamins as well. It has Vitamin B in it because of flour and eggs. The common Vitamin B that egg pasta provides are Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folate. Egg pasta gives 35% of the daily intake that is required by the body and fuels the body in this way.

Egg in pasta alone provides 18% of recommended daily intake of Vitamin B12. This vitamin helps protect your body, heart and removes the amino acid homocysteine from the blood. High level of amino acid homocysteine results in Cardiovascular diseases that’s how it protects the body

  1. Carbohydrates:

Egg pasta is also rich in its carbohydrates due to the presence of enriched flour. Fresh pasta has 71 grams of carbohydrates which is less than the carbs of dry pasta. Dry pasta offers 75 grams of carbohydrates in it.

  1. Fiber:

In 100 grams of fresh pasta an amount of 3 grams fiber is present, it is a little higher than the fibers of dry pasta. Dry pasta has 3.2 grams of fiber and is lighter in weight too than fresh pasta. In a full grain pasta, the fiber content is as high as 7 grams.

Pasta Alternatives:

Even though Pasta with egg is rich in many nutrients and provides energy as a daily requirement of nutrients. It is still not healthy for many individuals and might be a risk of cancer according to recent studies

Some of the healthy alternatives to your pasta cravings are:

  1. Vegetable noodles: It does not contain eggs and has fewer carbs
  2. Zucchini noodles or zoodle: It is also made of vegetables and has thicker strips than simple noodles
  3. Spaghetti squash: It contains more nutrients and is roasted as it is


In this brief article we have answered the question does pasta have egg and explained Five health benefits of egg pasta noodles