Does pancake mix go bad?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “does pancake mix go bad?”. We will also discuss in detail, the shelf life, and storage methods of pancake mix.

Does pancake mix go bad?

Yes, pancake mix does go bad. A package of pancake mix has an expiration date like other dry commodities. The expiration date gives you an idea of how long the product should keep its original quality.

What is the shelf life of pancake mix?

Pancake mix that has been kept in sealed and unopened containers in the pantry should be expected to survive for up to 12 months.

Opening packages of pancake mix will only keep them fresh for six months in the refrigerator.

These will further keep for a week or less if you make them yourself using the batter recipe listed above (liquid). Dry homemade pancake mixture has a longer shelf life than batter, maybe two weeks or more when stored in a tight container.

Please keep in mind that the time frame listed below is only for the best possible quality.

Pancake mix dry (unopened or opened)Best by + 3 – 6 months

How to find out if pancake mix has gone bad?

You can find it out by observing the below situations.

Basics of Pancake Mix

Pancake mixes are dry mixes that contain all of the components required to create pancakes. While some require milk and eggs, the more basic versions need both while others are “complete” and simply require water. Other common ingredients that are commonly included in most doughs include plant oil, dairy solids, or dried egg, as well as flour and a leavening agent like baking powder. In most parts of the country, mixes will remain used for a year or more if stored in your pantry. Though it is often safe to consume, the flavor and quality of the mix will suffer over time.

Rising Power

One of the most typical difficulties that arise as your pancake mix becomes older is a loss of rising power. When the baking powder is dry, it does not react, but when you make it wet, it reacts. This causes your pancakes to be light and fluffy. Moisture in the air slows down your leavening process. Flat and leathery pancakes will be in this batch, but there will be no bad tastes. The next time you get a chance, replace the pancake mix with the baking powder from your cabinet.

Smell Test

Soybean oil, coconut oil, and margarine are all common fats included in many pancake recipes. Many manufacturers additionally incorporate preservatives and antioxidants to increase the shelf life of the oil. These prevent fat molecules from breaking down and producing unpleasant tastes when exposed to oxygen in the air. If you begin adding liquid to the dry ingredients, your pancakes will acquire an awful rancid smell and stench. If the aroma of any combination has changed, it should be thrown out.

Taste Test

After around three months, your pancake mix will start to lose flavor. Over time, the pancake may feel more like its container than it does a well-made pancake. It is a symptom of oxidation and age, resulting in a stale flavor. It is ok, however, it lessens the enjoyment of your pancakes. To prevent staleness and to increase the shelf life, store the pancake mix in the original package, which is usually loaded with preservatives, or in a sealed, food-grade container.

A Few Unusual Situations

Even after many weeks in the cupboard, the most prevalent faults include poor rise and taste. Do not use any blend that exhibits symptoms of rat or insect infestation. Also, if the item appears to have come into contact with fluids, do not use it. Stay clear from any unopened combination if you have a mold allergy. Mold spores are known to occasionally find their way into the mixture, resulting in an allergic response or even death.

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How to store pancake mix?

Just like other dry ingredients used in cooking and baking, pancake mix should be kept in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. To ensure good cooking results, the mixture should be kept cold and dry. The open packet in the pantry is the best storage option. It is usually better to put the food container in a kitchen cabinet once it has been opened.

To keep the mixture safe, remember to seal it while not in use. Place the mixture in a freezer bag or airtight container if the packaging cannot be sealed easily. When either seal is in place, water cannot leak into the package. Moisture in the mix is a sure-fire method to spoil, as you may already know.

If you do not want to use it right away, you may store the combination in the freezer, where it should survive for a bit longer. So, in any case, that is simply a matter of personal preference; most individuals would rather maintain the combination at ambient temperature.


In this brief article, we answered the question, “does pancake mix go bad?”. We also discussed in detail, the shelf life and storage methods of pancake mix.


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