Does Olive oil need to be organic?

In this  brief article we will answer the question Does olive oil need to be organic and will explain 13 health benefits of using Organic Olive oils.

Does Olive oil need to be organic?

Whether olive oil needs to be organic or not depends on the purpose you are using the olive oil for. If you are sure that your recipe or purpose requires pure olive oil, you can purchase extra virgin olive oil from a reputed brand that is guaranteed to be 100% organic.

What is organic olive oil?

In farming olive oil there are not many chemical fertilizers used. The farming is already somewhat organic but obtaining a virgin olive oil is important. In Extra virgin olive oil or organic olive oil, the first step is to wash olives and then crush them. The paste obtained after crushing olive oil is centrifuged and spun, which extracts the excess water. The final product is a freshly squeezed fruit juice of olives. That is called organic olive oil.

Organic olives are those whose harvesting, processing and every step is closely monitored by an accredited organic certifying agency. To obtain an organic status, there must be no chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides in farming. Olive oil trees don’t need that much chemicals.

13 health benefits of organic olive oil:

1.       Olive oil is the juice of olive fruit. Its quality greatly affects cooking and food. It has many health benefits, some of them are:

2.       It has a large number of monounsaturated fats present in it. In olive oils, unlike other oils, the fatty acid content is 73% monounsaturated fatty acids.  The major portion of these fatty acids is oleic acids. According to science, oleic acid is useful to reduce inflammation and have beneficial effects on the body

3.       Organic olive oil has a high amount of antioxidants and is very nutritious in this regard. Antioxidants are good in reducing blood cholesterol so adding organic olive oil to your food will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders

4.       Organic olive oil has a great effect on blood circulation and blood clots. Recent researches proved that consuming olive oil prevents strokes. Strokes are blood clots in the body which might lead to death. Organic olive oil reduces the risk of this clotting and prevents strokes.

5.       Organic olive oil also reduces the risk of heart diseases. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and lowers blood pressure. The property of olive oil to prevent strokes and blood clots is also a significant factor in avoiding heart diseases. A recent study proved that olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease.

6.       Oily foods are a significant contributor to obesity and weight gain. Organic olive oil is not like that as it doesn’t let cholesterol accumulate in blood vessels. A balanced diet with olive oil is one of the most healthy foods when losing weight.

7.       Olive oil helps with rheumatoid arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with inflammations and reduces oxidative stress. When combined with fish oil, it becomes a source of Omega-3, which is very healthy for patients with arthritis. Also, it increases handgrip, helps in joint pain and morning stiffness.

8.   Organic Olive oil has antibacterial properties as it inhibits and kills harmful bacterias. Helicobacter pylori bacteria that lives in the stomach and causes an ulcer. Extra virgin olive oil inhibits its growth and nullifies its effects. It can reduce and even eliminate harmful bacterias from food

9.   Organic olive oil has Vitamin E in it, which is very beneficial for hair growth. Vitamin E protects skin, eyes, hair and also makes them much healthier.

10.   Another Vitamin in Organic Olive Oil is vitamin K which is a fat soluble vitamin. It is necessary for blood coagulation and maintains the level of calcium in the blood. Olive oil consumption provides this vitamin which helps in protecting against insulin resistance as well

11.   Organic Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and other nutritional components. It has the natural ability to slow the natural ageing process and is used in cosmetics due to this very reason. It makes the skin shinier and glowing by its enriching oil and also protects it from sun damage

12.   Olive oil can also reduce the risk of cancer in humans. Organic olive oil has antioxidants and reduces oxidative damage. The oxidative damage results in cancer cells, when prevented by olive oil it indirectly prevents cancer.

13.   Organic olive oil also has hormone-balancing effects, which prevents neurotransmitter dysfunction. Olive oil keeps the hormone balance and reduces depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

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In this  brief article we have answered the question Does olive oil need to be organic and explained 13 health benefits of using Organic Olive oils