Does Home Chef use chicken with antibiotics? (+7 Tips for chicken)

This article will explain if Home Chef uses chicken with antibiotics. We will also be checking out a few healthy tips that you can use if you are cooking with chicken. Lastly, we will be noting the various unique features that are present in Home Chef, if you are planning to use this meal kit delivery service.

Does Home Chef use chicken with antibiotics?

Yes, Home Chef uses chicken with antibiotics. However, there are also antibiotic free and organic chicken options available that customers can choose and customize in their meals. Not all the recipes in Home Chef are guaranteed to have organic chicken as this can largely depend on the local suppliers.

Healthy tips for cooking chicken

Chicken is one of the most versatile and certainly well-loved ingredients of our times. However, chicken has got a bad reputation for being unhealthy, especially if the cooking method is wrong. In this section, we will be showing you a few ways that you can use to help in cooking chicken in a healthier and more nutritious manner.

Use healthier marinades

Marinating meat serves many purposes. One thing it does is to make the meat as tender as possible. It also makes sure that the flavors seep into the meat so that the seasoning is felt throughout. While marinating chicken, use healthier versions like low-fat buttermilk to decrease the amounts of fat entering your body.

Fry less

Many experts debate often on the healthiest ways to cook chicken. But they all stay united on the fact that frying is perhaps the unhealthiest method. If you still want to get a good crust on your chicken, you can always bake it. Most experts agree that poaching and steaming are perhaps the healthiest ways to cook chicken.

Add more veggies

While serving a chicken dinner, you can easily bulk up the meal with more veggies and greens. Adding more vegetables to your meals not only adds more nutrients to your food, but can also increase the amount of fiber on your plate. You can also make chicken the side attraction and make the veggies the main star of the dish.

Go easy on the salt

Salt is perhaps the magic ingredient when it comes to many dishes. However, large amounts of salt can be bad for our hearts and even our kidneys. If you want more flavors but don’t want to do so with salt, you can easily learn to use more seasonings and spices. You can also add lemon juice for some tangy goodness along with a great dose of vitamin C.

Try the 1/4th rule

A rule that all meat eaters need to be acquainted with is the 1/4th rule. This will not only limit the amount of meat on your plate, but encourage you to eat more veggies and greens as well. Just make sure that the meat or chicken on your plate does not cross 25% of the entire area. The rest of the plate should be loaded up with greens and even whole grains.

Get the best quality of chicken

When you are buying chicken, make sure that you are getting the best quality. The chicken should be preferably organic and free of any antibiotics and even growth hormones which can make it dangerous for your health. A great way to ensure high quality chicken is to use a meal delivery service like Home Chef.

Get a food thermometer

Pink chicken is a major abomination on the dinner table and can actually lead to many cases of food poisoning and salmonella. While most of us trust our eyes when it comes to cooking chicken, the best way to ensure that the chicken is cooked thoroughly is to use a food thermometer. FDA recommends an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

Unique features of Home Chef

Home Chef has a number of unique features that make it such an easy to use platform. The various unique features that are present in this meal kit delivery service have been elaborated on as follows.

  • Home Chef has a range of Ready in 15 meals. These recipes can be cooked within a very short span of time (15 minutes) as many of the ingredients come pre-cooked and well-prepped for cooking.
  • There are also several Oven Ready meals in Home Chef. These only need to be placed in the oven and cooked as all the ingredients are already assembled in a cooking tray. These options can be fantastic for busy folks who are juggling a very busy schedule.
  • For those who want to learn cooking and want to do so at home, Home Chef has several recipes in its Culinary Collection. These recipes require quite a bit of involvement in the kitchen but guide the person through the process in a step by step manner.
  • Home Chef also has several recipes for those who have food allergies, such as dairy and even gluten. The allergen only needs to be typed in the search bar after which Home Chef will show the various available recipes that the person can choose from.

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This article has explained if Home Chef uses chicken with antibiotics. We have also checked out a few healthy tips that you can use if you are cooking with chicken. Lastly, we have noted the various unique features that are present in Home Chef, if you are planning to use this meal kit delivery service.

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