Does HelloFresh own EveryPlate? (+5 Features of each)

This article will discuss if HelloFresh owns EveryPlate. We will also be checking out some of the salient features that are present in HelloFresh. Similarly, we will explain the various features or characteristics that one can expect to find in EveryPlate. Meal-kit delivery services like HelloFresh and EveryPlate have boomed in popularity in recent times.

Does HelloFresh own EveryPlate?

Yes, HelloFresh owns EveryPlate. EveryPlate was launched in 2018 as a more economical alternative to HelloFresh. The meal-kits in EveryPlate come at a price of $4.99 for every meal and bring tasty, filling and yet nutritious meals to everyone’s table. Customers can choose from 17 different recipes according to their needs and requirements.

Salient features in HelloFresh

HelloFresh has a number of features that make it such a well-loved meal-kit delivery service. Some of the best features that are present in HelloFresh have been explained as follows.

HelloFresh has several categories

There are various categories in HelloFresh that the customer can choose from. In this meal-kit delivery service, the customer can choose from options like Meat and Veggies, Veggies only and even Pescatarian options. There are also specific meal kits for singles, couples and even family sizes. Furthermore, all the recipes are tested by kids and approved by them.

It has a Low Prep option

There is also a Low Pre option in HelloFresh. The meal kits that come in this option do not require the customer to spend so much time in the kitchen. The ingredients are also prepared, as in minced, chopped or diced, and thus the customer needs to only put them in an utensil and turn on the stove, and have dinner ready in no time.

It has Oven Fresh dinners

There are also Oven Fresh dinners in HelloFresh. These are similar to frozen dinners but up many notches. These meal kits do not require the customer to do any prep-work or any work per se when it comes to the kitchen. They only need to be popped into the oven or the microwave and will be ready to eat in a short span of time.


It has several One-Pot wonders

HelloFresh also has One-Pot wonders for anyone who loves to cook and eat but hates to clean up later. The ingredients in this meal kit only need to be dropped in a pot and cooked on the stove together. As an alternative, there are also sheet pan recipes, in which the ingredients need to be assembled on a pan and cooked inside an oven.


It also has 10-20 minutes meal recipes

In addition to all the above options, HelloFresh also has 10-20 minute meal recipes. These meal-kits can be found in the Easy Eats option. These recipes are especially designed for those customers who want to do a bit of cooking but don’t want to sweat it up in the kitchen. These meals can be cooked in very short spans of time.

Various features of EveryPlate

EveryPlate also has a large number of splendid features that make it a unique and popular meal-kit delivery service. Some of the best features of this meal-kit delivery service have been described in the following points.

EveryPlate is definitely quite affordable

The entire aim of EveryPlate is to make meal-kits affordable for everyone and anyone. The meal-kits in this delivery service are priced at $4.99 and come with high quality ingredients even if they are economical. The service does this by adjusting the packaging and also the menu options to make meal-kits accessible to every type of household.

There are various plans to choose from

There are also various plans to choose from in EveryPlate. Customers can choose from plans like the ClassicPlate which comes as a full meal with meat and veggies and even seafood options. There is also a Veggie Plate which is completely vegetarian. In addition to this, there are also FamilyPlates for families and EasyPlates that require very little prep-work.

The meal-kits are flexible

Just because the meal-kits in EveryPlate are affordable, it does not mean that the customer has no control over their choices. In EveryPlate, each meal-kit is customizable and adaptable and the customer is open to make any number of changes at any time. For example, the customer can choose to switch the sides and opt for something else in any meal-kit.

There is a lot of information about the meals

Each meal-kit comes with plenty of information which can be great for those customers who need to know what they are putting in their bodies. The meal kits come with data about the meals themselves, the recipes and also include the nutritional facts that can be essential for anyone who is trying to be healthier.

It is great for comfort food

EveryPlate aims to make the meal-kits very comforting and nutritious at the same time. The meal kits are designed to bring more comfort to those who are juggling a busy lifestyle. Some examples of comfort meals that you can easily find in EveryPlate include tacos, pork chops and even pot pies.


This article has discussed if HelloFresh owns EveryPlate. We have also checked out some of the salient features that are present in HelloFresh. Similarly, we have explained the various features or characteristics that one can expect to find in EveryPlate.

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