Does HelloFresh deliver to college dorms? (+7 Cooking hacks for students)

This article will answer if HelloFresh delivers to college dorms. We will also check out a few hacks just for college students who live in dormitories. Further down the line, we will mention the advantages that meal-kit delivery services can bring to busy people, especially college students.

Does HelloFresh deliver to college dorms?

Yes, HelloFresh delivers to college dorms. This is done through a partnership with Sodexo through which students in more than 300 colleges and universities in the United States are served. This can be great news for college students all over who are surviving on insipid ramen and dry cereal from class to class.


Cooking hacks for college students

College life can be pretty hectic, with the numerous classes and the tremendous pressure to get your grades up. At the same time, it is very important that college students take care of their health as it can affect their cognitive abilities as well. Some cooking hacks for busy college students have been shared below.

Spruce up the ramen

Ramen is known to be a college-student’s soulmate. It is easy to cook, quite cheap and comes in a mad number of favors. The best thing perhaps about ramen is its versatility. This can be used in multiple ways which can be healthy and nutritious. For example, eggs or even pieces of rotisserie chicken can be easily added to ramen for some protein and extra flavor in your meal.

Use your coffeemaker wisely

Almost every college dorm room has a coffee maker. The great thing about this coffee maker is that it can be used for many things other than just coffee. It can be used to boil eggs, make ramen and even couscous. If you are thinking about one appliance to make your college life a lot easier, consider getting a coffee maker.

Bake with no-baking

Everyone loves a baked treat. However, an oven in a college dorm might be difficult to find. And even if there is an oven in sight, it can be difficult to whip, beat and mix with all your pending assignments due. One way to get baked treats is to try the no-bake method. Just mix all the ingredients together, pop it into the fridge and enjoy your delicious no-bake brownie later.

Make your microwave smart

Microwaves are present in almost all college dorms. The great thing about the microwave is that it can be used for practically cooking almost anything and everything. You can even try baking cakes and pies here using the millions of recipes on the internet. Microwaves can also make even the most insipid meal a little better by heating it.

Get a slow-cooker

Another great appliance that every college student needs to consider getting is a slow-cooker. This appliance is a genius as it consumes very low energy and can be trusted enough to left on its own. There are also many slow-cooker recipes online through which you can dump all the ingredients beforehand, go to class, and then come back and enjoy your hearty meal.

Don’t forget the eggs

College students usually think about filling their stomach rather than the nutritional aspect of the food. One way to ensure that you are getting all the required nutrients and proteins every day is to incorporate an egg into your meals. Eggs are cheap, easily available and quick to cook. And thus, these are a must in every college student’s pantry.

Cook in bulk

If you are thinking about cooking and have the time to cook a great meal, make sure that you are cooking in bulk. You will definitely need leftovers during the week when you are hungry after a long day and don’t have the energy to cook anything. While cooking in bulk, make sure that you are cooking something that is highly nutritious and filling, like a chickpea salad.

Advantages of meal-kit delivery services

Meal-kit delivery services like HelloFresh can be great for those who have very busy lifestyles, and especially college students. Some of the advantages that college students can experience with HelloFresh are:

  • They don’t have to go grocery shopping on any day as all the ingredients for their meals reach them on time. And thus, they can use their day off to actually relax and have fun rather than running around trying to get groceries for the week.
  • The meal kits in HelloFresh come with a lot of variety and thus the student does not need to worry about getting bored of eating the same thing over and over again. There are also vegetarian options for those who are planning on going all-green for the planet. These meal-kits also come with plant-based protein to bring a balance of nutrients.
  • There are also many Easy Eats options which can make the cooking process quite easy for the student. Here, they can find Oven Fresh meals that can be popped into the microwave for a few minutes. They can also find Low-Prep meal kits that require very little mincing and dicing. 

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This article has answered if HelloFresh delivers to college dorms. We have also checked out a few hacks just for college students who live in dormitories. Further down the line, we have mentioned the advantages that meal-kit delivery services can bring to busy people, especially college students.

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