Does fresh ginger need to be peeled?

In this brief article, we will answer the questions: does fresh ginger need to be peeled, three ways to do it and how to wash it.

Does fresh ginger need to be peeled?

No, there is no need to peel fresh ginger as the skin is very thin, it will be a fuss to remove it.

Ginger is a common household root vegetable that is used as a spice, in herbal tea, in cooking to give taste, and in many recipes. It is rich in antioxidants and recommended to people with heart diseases, high blood pressure and lung diseases.

Why don’t you need to peel ginger?

Ginger is an herbaceous plant and its root is used as food all over the world. Ginger has thin skin that is over the fruit and almost the same in color. Now peeling ginger is very tough and time consuming. And when cooking at home it might take a long time to peel ginger.

In young ginger the skin is very thin and looks like the part of ginger, so it is not necessary to peel this ginger at all. In older gingers the skin is thick and might need peeling but it is still time consuming. The skin of older ginger is a little hard and not easy to peel.

Ways to peel ginger:

Even though ginger needs no peeling for cooking it and eating it, many people still peel it. Nowadays vegetables are grown with the help of fertilizers and pesticides are used too. It is a common practice in many households to wash every vegetable before using it as food. But sometimes even washing doesn’t remove harmful chemicals on the surface.

To avoid the harmful chemicals, it is better to peel the skin of vegetables. I case of ginger as the skin is thin, the ways to remove its skin are:

By knife:

One of the most common household item a knife is available at every household. It is used everyday, especially when you are cooking with vegetables. To peel ginger with a knife you just need to make light cuts.

The blade of the knife is sharp and the skin of ginger is thin, when a sharp blade cuts over the skin it gets removed easily. One thing to care about is don’t waste too much fruit while cutting with a knife. Try to remove the skin and not the edible part of ginger.

With a spoon:

It is a method which is used a lot nowadays and is easy to do. It is not dangerous as holding a knife is and the wastage of food is also less. Spoon is also a daily household item and is used in every household.

The way to peel ginger skin with the help of a spoon is to hold the spoon in your hand. Hold the spoon in a way that you eat but turn the spoon downward. Slowly scrape the peel by putting the part of the spoon from where you eat under the skin and going downward. Work your way around the ginger and only peel the part which you want to use.

This method is quick and easy; it does not require much effort as the peel gets removed with gravity. Also spoons are easy to handle and there is no danger of cutting yourself or wasting food as you do when working with knives.

By a vegetable peeler:

In some recipes ginger is also used as a little topping or decoration, in those recipes the texture of peeled gingers matter. That’s why it is better to use a vegetable peeler as it has multiple cut edges which only removes the peel from vegetable

When using vegetable peeler for ginger it is better to do it as carefully as possible. IN ginger the skin is thin and if it gets hard it becomes difficult to remove. You may need to apply some pressure in that case but make sure you don’t cut your hand.

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How to wash ginger?

In some recipes require peeled ginger but in some recipes a lot is happening and no one got time to peel ginger. In those recipes it is better to wash ginger properly and get rid of all the surface chemicals and germs on it.

The way to wash ginger properly is:

  • Take the part of ginger you want to wash and break it off the ginger
  • Place the part under a tap of warm water
  • Scrub the surface of ginger with your hands
  • Remove the dirt and try to scrub as much as possible
  • Take a vegetable brush and brush to remove any remaining dirt or bacteria
  • Dry the ginger with a kitchen towel
  • Use the ginger without peeling it


In this brief article, we have answered the questions: does fresh ginger need to be peeled, three ways to do it and how to wash it.


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