Does frappuccino have coffee?

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “does frappuccino have coffee” with an in-depth analysis of whether or not frappuccino has coffee in its composition. Moreover, we are going to discuss the caffeine content of the frappuccino and the time it takes for the effect of caffeine to wear off.

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Does frappuccino have coffee?

So when it comes to the Starbucks trademark, frappuccino, it can be divided into two main categories

Coffee based frappuccino

The coffee-based frappuccino does have coffee present in its formulation. There are a variety of different options present in the coffee frappuccino.

  1. Pistachio coffee frappuccino
  2. Chestnut praline frappuccino
  3. Peppermint mocha frappuccino
  4. Caramel brulee frappuccino
  5. peppermint white chocolate mocha
  6. Toasted white chocolate mocha
  7. Mocha cookie crumble frappuccino
  8. Caramel ribbon crunch frappuccino
  9. Espresso frappuccino
  10. Caffe vanilla frappuccino
  11. Caramel frappuccino
  12. Coffee frappuccino
  13. Mocha frappuccino
  14. Eggnog frappuccino
  15. Java chip frappuccino
  16. White chocolate mocha frappuccino

Creme based frappuccino

The creme based frappuccino does not have coffee present in its formulation. There is a wide array of options available in creme based frappuccino.

  1. Pistachio creme frappuccino
  2. Peppermint white chocolate creme frappuccino
  3. Toasted white chocolate creme frappuccino
  4. Caramel brulee creme frappuccino
  5. Chestnut praline creme frappuccino
  6. Eggnog creme frappuccino
  7. Peppermint mocha creme frappuccino
  8. Chocolate cookie crumble creme frappuccino
  9. Caramel ribbon crunch creme frappuccino
  10. Strawberry creme frappuccino
  11. Chai creme frappuccino
  12. Double chocolaty chip creme frappuccino
  13. Matcha green tea creme frappuccino
  14. Vanilla bean creme frappuccino
  15. Whit chocolate creme frappuccino

Does frappuccino taste like coffee?

Frappuccino is a refreshing drink that is enjoyed by all and sundry and due to its wide array of options, it has something for everyone present in its store for you. As we have already discussed that the frappuccino is available in two major varieties, the coffee-based frappuccino, and the creme-based frappuccino.

When it comes to the coffee-based frappuccino, they do taste like coffee (coffee is present in their formulation). While on the other hand, the creme-based frappuccino won’t even have a hint of coffee flavor in it. It provides you with other unique flavors like vanilla, strawberry, and matcha.

What is the nutritional profile of frappuccino?

So while talking about the nutritional profile of the frappuccino, it is worth mentioning that the nutritional values vary according to the type of milk and the additives that are added to the frappuccino.

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What is the caffeine content of frappuccino?

Coffee frappuccino

The caffeine content of the frappuccino varies with different types of frappuccino. For instance, Pistachio coffee frappuccino and Caramel brulee frappuccino have 90 mg of caffeine present in a 16 oz serving. 

The Toasted white chocolate mocha frappuccino, White chocolate mocha frappuccino, Chestnut praline frappuccino, Caffe vanilla frappuccino, and Coffee frappuccino contain 95 mg of caffeine.  Mocha frappuccino has 100 mg of caffeine while Peppermint mocha frappuccino has 110 mg of caffeine present in 16 oz serving.

Creme frappuccino

Some variants of creme-based frappuccino have a little amount of caffeine present in it while others do not have any caffeine present in their formulation. For instance, Vanilla bean creme frappuccino, Eggnog creme frappuccino, and Chestnut praline creme frappuccino do not have caffeine present in them. On the other hand, Chocolate cookie crumble frappuccino has 15 mg and Peppermint mocha creme frappuccino has 10 mg caffeine present in 16 fl oz serving.

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How does caffeine affect the body?

Caffeine increases the cortisol and adrenaline secretion in the body that results in increased heart rate, breathing rate, and mental alertness. Moreover, it also helps you to focus and stay awake by stimulating your nervous system. 

How long does the effect of caffeine last?

Caffeine, the main constituent of the coffee frappuccino has a half-life of about 5 hours in an average adult body according to the stats provided by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. This means that half of the caffeine, as well as half of its effect, is gone within the first 5 hours. So it is just fair to say that the effect of caffeine in the frappuccino lasts for hours in the body and it can take about 10-12 hours for the body to completely get rid of the caffeine from the bloodstream.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a direct relation between the amount of coffee you are utilizing and the time for which its effect lasts. If you are taking a higher dose of caffeine then it will remain in your system for a long and subsequently, its effect will last for a longer time.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “does frappuccino have coffee” with an in-depth analysis of whether or not frappuccino has coffee in its composition. Moreover, we discussed the caffeine content of the frappuccino and the time it takes for the effect of caffeine to wear off.