Does Distilled Water Expire?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question, “does distilled water expire?”. We will also discuss in detail, the storage and shelf life of distilled water.

Does Distilled Water Expire?

No, distilled water, like all other varieties of water, does not expire. Air pollution and the packing process can have a considerable influence on water purity.

To keep the cleanest quality of distilled water, keep it correctly.

How Long Does Distilled Water Last?

Store-bought distilled water is stable for nearly indefinitely if kept correctly.

Water that has been distilled or filtered and left unopened should be used for another year, and water that has been properly kept should last for another year or two. You should not be afraid that water used in your steam iron can ruin the appliance.

Home distillation will yield the highest-quality water for roughly a week. Once that time has elapsed, the material may begin to smell stale. The good news is that you may still drink it, but you should discard the first batch and start over.

The periods given are estimates and for the best quality.

Bottled distilled water (unopened)5+ years
Bottled distilled water (opened, for appliance use)1+ years
Bottled distilled water (opened, for drinking)4 – 7 days
Home-distilled water4 – 7 days

How To Tell If Distilled Water Has Gone Bad?

Distilled water is free of minerals and contaminants, and it has a neutral flavor. Instead, you should taste the water to see if it has gone bad.

To determine the quality of your water, you should always utilize your senses.

Determine if your distilled water is safe to use or should be dumped by applying these recommendations.

Green Algae 

In the presence of a plentiful supply of nutrient-rich water, blue-green algae develop as a contaminant.

In contrast to natural water, distilled water lacks minerals and nutrients but may nonetheless serve as a nurturing environment for algae if the bottle is left open. This happens especially if the water is exposed to direct sunshine.

Algae may be present if blue-green scums or sediments float in the water. Discard the water if so.


Clearwater should not seem murky. For domestic equipment, you do not need to worry about murky distilled water.

Drinking water that seems murky should be avoided, however, if you have shifted to drinking distilled water. Microorganisms or chemicals commonly pollute water that is cloudier than normal.


An off-odor on any meal or drink is never a good sign, and distilled water is no exception. Water might sometimes pick up the smell of the bottle, leading you to believe that the water is unsafe to drink.

 Taste of Chemicals

If the water smells awful, it’s likely to taste awful as well. Pure distilled water has no identifiable flavor because all of the minerals have been removed, this type of water has a bland flavor.

How to store Distilled Water?

You can store it by following the below steps.

Stay out of direct sunlight.

When storing distilled water, keep it out of direct sunlight, especially if it’s in a plastic container. The plastic will degrade in the sun, causing toxins to flow into the water, making it dangerous to drink or use.

 Select the Appropriate Storage Container

When it comes to preserving the quality of distilled water, the storage container you choose matters a lot.

We recommend keeping greater volumes in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) drums or tanks. To guarantee that your water stays pure for longer, make sure these containers are of food-grade quality.

Keep Containers Sealed Tightly

Whether you’re storing distilled water in tanks or small bottles, the container should always be firmly sealed. This keeps impurities out of the water and guarantees that it is safe to drink.

 Store Away From Odorous Materials

Distilled water, like all other forms of water, picks up scents from its environment. You do not want to deal with water that smells like gasoline or paint, but this does not affect the water’s purity or appliance safety.

To keep your distilled water tasting and smelling excellent, store it in a cabinet away from strong-smelling materials like paint or cleaning materials.

Keep refrigerated once opened

Ideally, distilled water should be stored in a cold, dark location. It is a good idea to consider putting it in a refrigerator or pantry. Storing the water in a dark, cold place will not prolong its shelf life, but it will guarantee that it remains clean for a longer time.


In this brief article, we answered the question, “does distilled water expire?”.We also discussed in detail, the storage and shelf life of distilled water.


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