Does dark chocolate make you poop?

In this brief article we will answer the question: does dark chocolate make you poop and three alternative foods to eat instead of it.

Does dark chocolate make you poop?

Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate can make you poop because of the presence of magnesium in it. Magnesium aids the gut muscles in relaxing and has a laxative effect. Apart from magnesium, flax seeds are also a component of organic chocolates, which are good for the heart. 

Chocolate is the comfort sweet all of us turn to whenever we are having a bad day. Its sweet taste brings us comfort and warmth in the twisted difficulties of days. But what if I tell you chocolate is also a solution for the hardest part of your day?

We all know that chocolate induces constipation and that many people are allergic to chocolate. But in some people, chocolate also works as a laxative and instead of causing constipation, it makes them poop. That’s why eating chocolate is a relief for them.

Is dark chocolate a laxative? 

Yes, dark chocolate can speed up your bowel movements. This is because it contains caffeine, a compound that stimulates the gut to pass the food rapidly into the intestines. It also relieves constipation because it is rich in dietary fiber and minerals.

What chocolate makes you poop?

It is none other than dark chocolate that has been found to be positively associated with increased bowel movements. The contents like iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, and calcium are beneficial for health as well as the digestive system.

How dark chocolate makes you poop?

Chocolates are made of cacao husks and cocoa seeds, the particles in these husks have laxative property. If you consume chocolate then it induces a defecation reflux in your body, relaxes digestive tract and helps you defecate.

Dark chocolates are a source of magnesium which is a mineral that relaxes the muscle in your digestive tract. In regular diet dark chocolate acts as a laxative as it has 72% cocoa and a large amount of magnesium in it. Due to these properties it makes the consumer poop when they consume it.

Benefits of dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate has 60% more cocoa in it and healthier than sweetened chocolates. It helps lower the blood pressure by relaxing your veins and helping in blood circulation. It also increases the HDL or good cholesterol and decreases the LDL or bad cholesterol.

Dark chocolate is known to improve the mood and increase serotonin level. It increases the serotonin and endorphins which makes you happy and relaxed. It also works as a laxative sometimes but it is mainly known for its impact on happy hormones.

Side effects of dark chocolates:

Along with benefits dark chocolate also has some major side effects related to its consumption. Some of them are given below:

Causes Kidney stones:

Dark chocolate has oxalates in it and can cause urinary oxalate excretion. This process increases the chance of developing kidney stones and affects pre-deposited kidney stones. Excess consumption of dark chocolates has great effect on kidney stones

Triggers migraine headaches:

Dark chocolate has a major effect on the symptoms of migraine headaches. It has a natural compound called tyramine that is possibly a trigger for migraine headache. Along with this dark chocolate is rich in sugars and caffeine which are also triggers for migraine headaches.

In migraine patients a small amount of caffeine sometimes results in hour long attacks. Migraine headaches are painful and drains you down. Sometimes professional help is required or taking prescription medicines help. It is better to avoid eating dark chocolate at all.

Increases fat consumption:

Dark chocolate has a significant amount of saturated fat and sugar in it. It has about 150 calories per bar and the majority of these calories are from fats and sugar. Excess consumption makes you gain weight and increases fat deposition on the body.

Dark chocolate is a vein relaxant and prevents blockage in blood vessels but when eaten in excess it results in fat deposition at waistlines. These depositions may result in blockage of vessels and causing Cardio-vascular diseases.

Alternative food that help with digestion:

No matter how natural laxative dark chocolate is, the side effects weigh out the benefits. It is better to avoid eating dark chocolates especially if you have an allergy to it. It is also dangerous for your teeth health and general health. There are some alternative foods which might help cure your constipation more naturally:

Spinach or kale:

Leafy green vegetables are known for their phytonutrients and only a cup of these vegetables gives you a significant amount of magnesium. These vegetables are also rich in dietary fiber, both magnesium and dietary fibers helps you defecate and cures temporary constipation


Eating plane homemade yoghurt to cure constipation is the best way out there. It is rich in probiotics and helps with the body’s natural flora. Yoghurt is a dairy based product so it is not safe for lactose intolerant people

Apple Cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar plays a major role in improving the stomach acids and is effective in breaking down foods. This process helps in better elimination of waste, drinking one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar daily helps improve the digestive system.

These foods are a healthy alternative to eating dark chocolates and also have other benefits. They don’t affect your weight, teeth or cause CVDs. It is better to consume these natural products instead of eating dark chocolate.

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In this brief article we have answered the question: does dark chocolate make you poop and suggested three alternative foods to eat instead of it.