Does crown royal go bad?

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Does crown royal go bad? 

Yes, crown royal goes bad but it took a very long time to develop any sign of spoilage and its shelf life is indefinite. Crown royal is a kind of whisky that can last for more than ten years if appropriately stored.

However, with time the alcohol in the whiskey starts to evaporate, so you will notice a decrease in the volume of the liquid inside the crown royal bottle. This evaporation leads to a reduction in the taste and the quality. So, consider consuming it within six months to two years.

Moreover, once the cap of the bottle is opened, the whisky inside the bottle will be affected by the air and the oxygen. Because the air can penetrate inside the bottle despite being well-sealed and will affect the taste and the composition of the drink.

Furthermore, the reason behind having an indefinite shelf life is its high alcohol content. Also, do not think that keeping your whisky in your pantry for so long will make it age. Because the aging process is done in casks not bottles.

How to store unopened whisky?

The storage procedure for opened and unopened whisky is the same. The best place to store your crown royal whisky is in your pantry. In addition, the main environmental factors that affect the quality of the whisky are the air, the temperature, and the light.

So, in order to increase its shelf life, the whisky bottle should be stored in a dry, and cool place, far from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight exposure. Regarding sunlight, exposing the bottle to UVB light will lead to discoloration because the light will affect the tannins in the whisky.

Moreover, you should store your whiskey at a temperature lower than that of your room temperature. Since the lower the storage temperature the lower the percentage of evaporated alcohol from your whisky.

The air affects the opened bottles more than unopened and well-sealed bottles. Because the air and especially oxygen stimulate ingredients oxidation and thus this phenomenon will affect the flavor and the taste of the drink. So, after finishing, seal your bottle thoroughly.

Furthermore, store your whisky in an upright and standing position especially if it is a corked bottle. Since, if the cork has been in contact with whisky for a long time, the taste of the drink will change and the quality of the cork will deteriorate.

Should crown royal be refrigerated?

Usually, crown royal whisky or any other type of whisky is served at room temperature. However, some people tend to add some ice to their drinks. Also, whisky can be added to cocktails.

But that does not mean that you can not chill your whisky. However, chilling will not increase the shelf life of the whisky.

When does whisky go bad?

Since the shelf life of the whisky is indefinite, it will not go bad easily unless you are storing it appropriately. Hence, to detect its spoilage there are many signs to indicate it. First, if you notice that the color of your whisky has changed that means that it is bad.

Moreover, if once you opened your bottle and you felt a bad smell or odor consider discarding the whisky bottle. In addition, if none of the previous signs was clear, take a sip of whisky, and if its taste does not feel pleasant throw it.

Furthermore, if your bottle is damaged or its cap is damaged and leaking, consider buying a new whisky bottle.

On the other hand, if you see any sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle do not worry that means that the whisky has not been very well filtered before bottling.

How does open whisky change its taste?

Once you open your whisky bottle, its quality will begin to decline. Because alcohol will start to evaporate especially if the bottle is stored in heat. So, storing it at low temperatures will reduce the risk or postpone the alcohol evaporation.

Once the alcohol has evaporated the taste of the whisky will change. Moreover, if you want to perverse the quality of the opened whisky, fill its content in a small bottle that has a very good lid or cap.

Avoid using a whisky decanter because it might not preserve the quality of the whisky.

Can old whisky make you sick?

No, old whisky will not make you sick if the bottle has been opened for a very long time. Because it is not a matter of food safety, instead it is a matter of food quality and with aging, the whisky will lose its quality, taste, and odor especially if it is appropriately stored.

Moreover, leaving a whisky bottle in your pantry will not enhance its taste and will not age it. To be aged, the whisky should be placed in its casks.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “does crown royal go bad?”, and other queries related to this topic.


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