Does creme de cacao go bad?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “does creme de cacao go bad?”, and other queries related to this topic.

Does creme de cacao go bad? 

Yes, creme de cacao goes bad because it is very low in alcohol like Triple Sec, Amaretto Bailey’s, and Kahlua. Its low alcohol by volume or AVB makes it more prone to spoilage over time. 

So, its expiry date ranges between one to three years according to its storage properties and the environment characteristics where it was kept.

In addition, hard liqueurs and alcohol whose ABV is higher than 40 percent can last for a very long time compared to low alcoholic beverages.

Moreover, once the creme de cacao bottle is opened, it should be consumed within two months if stored at room temperature and for six to nine months if refrigerated. Although liqueurs do not spoil like regular food, hence they start losing their taste and flavor over the years.

Also, as long as the bottle is not opened yet and stored away from sunlight and heat, the creme de cacao bottle can last longer than three years. 

However, minor changes might occur within the product and you will find out that after many years the taste of the creme de cacao changed and became very weak.

Should you refrigerate creme de cacao liqueur?

Yes, you should refrigerate your creme de cacao because refrigeration can increase its shelf life and avoid its spoilage soon. In the refrigerator, the creme de cacao can last for six to nine months however at room temperature it lasts for only two months.

Moreover, regardless of its shelf life and its spoilage because creme de cacao and other cream liqueur are better enjoyed and have a better taste when they are chilled. 

How can you tell if the creme de cacao is bad?

There are many signs to tell that your creme de cacao is bad. First of all and before opening your creme de cacao bottle you might notice some coagulation or curdling within your product which means that your liqueur has gone bad. 

Also, you might see that your liqueur has been separated into two phases. Moreover, the sugar in your drink begins to crystallize with time.

Furthermore, if you keep the creme de cacao stored for a very long time near a heat source or exposed to direct sunlight, its color will start to change compared to when you first bought it. 

However, if none of the previously mentioned signs is obvious before the opening of the bottle, thus open it and smell it. If the creme de cacao smell is bad and unpleasant, throw it.

One of the clearest signs of creme de cacao spoilage is its taste. If you tasted it and it felt bad, discard it. So, drinking or siping a small amount of bad creme de cacao will not make you sick.

Can you drink expired creme de cacao liqueur?

Yes, you can drink expired creme de cacao liqueur. The creme de cacao can still be consumed after its expiry date for several weeks if it does not have any sign of spoilage. However, in this case, the product’s quality might change and you will end up having a bad creme de cacao with a bad taste.

Moreover, if the creme de cacao liqueur showed any sign of spoilage and despite that, if you drank it you might feel a little bit sick afterward. So, it is not recommended to consume creme de cacao or any liqueur creme that has passed its expiry date.

Can you drink creme de cacao straight?

Yes, you can drink your creme de cacao straight by pouring it into a glass. However, creme de cacao is added to many cocktails and can be mixed with many ingredients. For example, you can make with the creme de cacao a chocolate martini or a Brandy Alexander cocktail.

Moreover, this liqueur is used in desserts such as cakes, sauces, and truffles because it adds a sweet, chocolate, and vanilla-like taste to your recipe.

What is the difference between creme de cacao and chocolate liqueur?

Creme de cacao is a sweet flavored alcoholic liqueur, whereas chocolate liqueur is sweeter than the creme de cacao and has a syrup-like consistency. It can be a dark or white chocolate liqueur. The chocolate liqueur is added to coffees and martinis.

The chocolate liqueur is a good replacement for the creme de cacao. However, for non-alcohol drinkers, the chocolate syrup can substitute both, the creme de cacao and the chocolate liqueur.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “does creme de cacao go bad?”, and other queries related to this topic.


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