Does cornstarch expire?

In this brief article, we will explore the question “Does cornstarch expire?”. Additionally, we will discuss factors that affect its shelf life and present strategies that can be implemented to maximize the longevity of cornstarch.

Does cornstarch expire?

The shelf life of cornstarch is indefinite if stored properly, meaning it will never expire or go bad (1). 

However, for food applications, companies may provide an expiry date as an estimate of how long the cornstarch will remain usable if it undergoes processing and is stored properly until that date. The estimated expiration date for cornstarch is typically around 18 to 24 months (1).

What affects the shelf life of cornstarch?

Storage conditions and packaging as factors can affect the shelf life of cornstarch. That means if you store corn starch in suitable conditions, it can stay unspoiled for a very long period of time (2).

 You will use all the cornstarch before the date expires. Cornstarch can be used for other special purposes before its expiration, such as creating biofilms with barrier properties (2).

Cornstarch is not usually spoiled easily. There are still some factors that affect its shelf life, these factors can ruin the taste, texture or smell of cornstarch. They may also affect its thickening properties (3). These factors are:

Moisture: It is best to keep corn starch as moisture free as possible. Corn starch is a white powder when moisture reaches.

Light: Corn starch is a powder with small particles. When light passes through these particles, it may cause the starch to react (3).

Temperature: Storing corn starch in high temperatures can have an impact on its physical properties and potentially lead to spoilage (3).

What are some tips to maximize the shelf life of cornstarch?

To increase shelf life, it is better to control the storage conditions in which corn starch is stored. The best storage conditions are a cool, dark area which is free of moisture (3).

 Keep cornstarch in an airtight packet and close the packet right after using cornstarch to prevent spoiling the remaining corn starch (3).

How can you identify spoiled cornstarch?

Corn starch does not go bad normally and it only happens if not stored properly. If cornstarch is wet, it will definitely go bad if stored. It will either form liquid or become clumps, this is clear identification that the storage condition of corn starch wasn’t proper.

Can I use expired cornstarch?

Yes, you can still use cornstarch. It is recommended to discard a product once its industrial expiration date reaches (1). 

When stored properly, not moisture, light and appropriate temperature, in suitable conditions, cornstarch maintains its potency and has a very long shelf life (1). To reduce waste, expired cornstarch can also be utilized for non-food applications such as crafts or household tasks. Other FAQs about cornstarch that you may be interested in.

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In this article, we have answered the question, ‘Does cornstarch expire?’ When stored correctly, cornstarch can remain usable for up to two years for food applications. However, it has an indefinite shelf life for non-food applications such as crafts or household tasks.


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