Does cornstarch expire?

In this brief article, we will answer the question does cornstarch expire and three factors affecting its shelf life.

Does cornstarch expire?

No, the shelf life of cornstarch is indefinite. If it is stored properly it will never expire or go bad. Unless it is processed and the company provides an expiry date for it, which is an estimated date that corn starch will remain usable until this date if stored properly.

Can I use expired cornstarch?

Yes, you can use expired cornstarch. If stored under the right conditions and environment, cornstarch has a very long shelf life and it does not lose its potency. In case there are no obvious signs of spoilage or contamination, you can safely use cornstarch past the best before date.

What is cornstarch?

is used to thicken sauces or soups. It is also used in making corn syrup and other sugars from Cornstarch is a corn product obtained from milling of corn kernel’s endosperm. It is a common food ingredient which is corn.

How to use cornstarch:

When using cornstarch as a thickener for your liquid or semi liquid foods, it is better to follow the tips written on the label. Cornstarch is a good thickener and doesn’t take much time to thicken the product.

For each cup of liquid food, the corn required to thicken it is 1 tablespoon. Put the corn in a bowl and add an equal amount of liquid to stir it. Stir it until a smooth paste is formed. Boil this slurry and add it in your food product. Stir continuously to obtain maximum thickness due to cornstarch.

Why use cornstarch?

Cornstarch has many health benefits as it is made of corn kernel it is rich in carbs and starch. It is also a good thickener and doesn’t ruin the flavor of food. It smoothes the texture of food and makes it thick.

Cornstarch is usually white in color but it is translucent when made into a slurry. Unlike flour it does not interfere with the color of liquid food. Flour is opaque while cornstarch mixture is translucent. That is why using cornstarch slurry is preferred when using it as a thickener.

Cornstarch’s shelf life:

The shelf life of cornstarch is very long or some might say it is indefinite. That means if you store corn starch in suitable conditions, it can stay unspoiled for a very long period of time. Most probably You will use all the corn starch before it spoils or expires

Corn starch never expires; its ingredients are Corn kernels specifically its starch. This starch does not react with surrounding air particles in a container and remains in the same state. This provides a longer period of time to corn starch to remain unspoiled

What spoils Corn starch?

Corn starch is not usually spoiled easily; it has an indefinite shelf life. But some factors may affect its shelf life and cause it to spoil. These factors are:


It is best to keep corn starch as moisture free as possible. Corn starch is a white powder and when moisture reaches it, the powder has a higher chance to form clump or dissolve in water


Corn starch is a powder with small particles. When light passes through these particles, it may cause the starch to react. One effect is burning cornstarch and maybe it induces photosynthesis in corn starch.


Corn starch is affected by the storage temperature, if you store it in a hot place it may affect the physical properties of starch and spoil corn starch.

Tips to maximize shelf life:

Even though corn starch has an indefinite shelf life and it does not rot so easily. There are still some factors that affect its shelf life, these factors can ruin the taste, texture or smell of cornstarch. They may also affect its thickening properties; it is better to avoid these factors.

To increase shelf life, it is better to control the storage conditions in which corn starch is stored. The best storage conditions are a cool, dark area which is free of moisture. Keep cornstarch in an airtight packet and close the packet right after using cornstarch to prevent spoiling the remaining corn starch.

How to identify rotten cornstarch?

Corn starch does not go bad normally and it only happens if not stored properly. If cornstarch is wet, it will definitely go bad if stored. It will either form liquid or become clumps, this is clear identification that the storage condition of corn starch wasn’t proper

If you add expired or spoiled cornstarch in your recipe or mixture, it will first turn cloudy and then thick. This is another identification of spoiled or rotten corn starch. It is better to discard expired cornstarch in any case.

Consumption of expired cornstarch:

It is better to discard a product once its industrial expiration date reaches. But in case of corn products like cornstarch and corn syrup the shelf life is indefinite. If you are storing your corn starch properly and it is not contaminated with moisture, insects or microbes you can still use it

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In this brief article, we have answered the question does cornstarch expire and three factors affecting its shelf life.