Does corn syrup go bad? (3 signs)

In this brief article, we will answer the question does corn syrup go bad, we will also explain its uses and three signs that corn syrup has gone bad

Does corn syrup go bad?

Yes, corn syrup can go bad, if opened it can last up to 6 months. It can change odor, color, and texture and might still be safe to consume. The taste can also change, thus it is preferable to discard the syrup past the expiration date.

Corn syrup is a type of syrup made of starch obtained from corn and has varying amounts of maltose. It is also known as glucose syrup and used to soften the texture of food. Corn syrup also adds volume to the food and prevents the crystallization of sugar to enhance flavor.

Does light corn syrup go bad?

No, light corn syrup does not go bad. It has a very long shelf life. Under the right storage conditions, it can last for a year without spoilage. However, its quality and taste may get affected past the expiration date.

Does dark corn syrup go bad? 

No, dark corn syrup does not go bad. Most manufacturers state that corn syrup lasts for an indefinitely long time whether it is opened or not. In other words, it is good to use even after the expiration, if you are not seeing any obvious signs of spoilage like mould or a bad smell.

What is the expiration date of corn syrup? 

Although the manufacturers write the expiration date on the packaging, it is the best by date. In other words, corn syrup can be used even past the expiration date and does not normally go bad. However, its quality is not ensured past the mentioned date.

Uses of corn syrup:

Corn syrup is an oligosaccharide syrup used due to its sweetness and texture. It is used to make high fructose syrup which prevents crystallization of liquid food. It also softens the texture of food making it voluminous and soft.

It is used to sweeten food without causing it to thicken or crystallization of sugar. It is used in candy, candy bars, yogurt and in sodas too. Corn syrup makes them sweet without thickening the ingredients of the food item

Shelf life of corn syrup:

Corn syrup comes in proper packaging with its expiry date written on the label. But when stored in proper conditions the shelf life of corn syrup is indefinite. Corn syrup is used as a sweetening agent but once it goes bad the flavor changes

The shelf life of corn syrup is the same mentioned on the label but it can be used for indefinite time period. If it is stored in proper conditions in a pantry it remains safe for consumption forever. But it is best to discard a product past its expiration date.

How to store corn syrup?

Corn syrup is stored just like other sweeteners; it comes in proper packaging so there is no need to store it in refrigerators. It is best to keep it in kitchen pantry, as it has high level of sugar it has minimum chance of getting contaminated

The storage conditions for storing maple syrup are:

Keep it at room temperature in the kitchen pantry or kitchen storage space. The storage space should be dry with no direct exposure to moisture or sunlight. It is best to store it on a shelf where other sauces are stored.

Corn syrup comes in a tightly sealed bottle with a lid covering it. To prevent contamination keep the bottle tightly sealed all the time. Make sure to cover the lid after using it and the lid is not broken so moisture or insects can’t reach it.

There is no need to refrigerate the syrup or freeze it. Corn syrup stays completely fine in the pantry and it does not lose its functional properties. If you are using it as a topping and need it cold you can refrigerate it for a while but storing it in refrigerator is not a recommended practice

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Can syrup go bad?

How to tell if corn syrup is bad?

Corn syrup has stable shelf life and does not go bad easily, in fact it has indefinite shelf life. If it is stored in proper conditions, you can use it for quite a long time. But if it goes bad, it shows following traits:


Adding water in corn syrup makes it contaminated and it loses its functional property. It affects the quality of corn syrup, that is why corn syrup bottles should be stored in moisture free places.

Change in odor:

Corn syrup has a characteristic taste and aroma, if the bottle is not tightly sealed it starts to go bad. This change in smell is an indication of bad corn syrup. Bad corn syrup starts to smell off and has different taste to it

Change in color:

The discoloration of corn syrup is an age factor, and it starts to turn yellowish after a while. But this is not an indication of bad corn syrup. If you see some foreign particles on the surface of corn syrup than it means corn syrup has gone bad

Corn syrup vs Cornstarch:

Despite the similar name corn syrup and cornstarch are totally different from each other. Corn starch is made of starch from corn and so is corn syrup. But the difference comes in the function they perform and their use in cuisine.

Corn starch is a thickening agent on the other hand corn syrup is a viscous liquid that is used as a sweetener. Corn starch is used for its thickening properties in stews, soups and other liquid based food. Corn syrup is used to sweeten the food while making its texture soft and increasing its volume


In this brief article, we have answered the question does corn syrup go bad, we have also explained its uses and three signs that corn syrup has gone bad


Does Corn Syrup Go Bad?