Does coffee go bad in the fridge?

In this short guide, we will answer the question “does coffee go bad in the fridge?” and we will discuss in detail how to store coffee and all precautions that must be taken when storing your coffee.

Does coffee go bad in the fridge?

Coffee does not spoil in the fridge, but it loses characteristic aromas and flavors. Coffee can absorb moisture and odors. In the freezer, it can keep small ice residues after freezing. This causes the beans to lose aroma and flavor.

In industry, after roasting and ground coffee, it must be packed quickly in vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging (a mixture of gas used to preserve food). However, once opened, the powder must be preferably placed in closed, dark containers. Thus, the light, which facilitates oxidation, is less intense, preserving the product even more.

How to store coffee?

Coffee: a lot of people don’t start their day without it! It’s hard to miss this ingredient at home, isn’t it? However, it is not enough to have the coffee powder always at home, it is necessary to be careful with its storage to preserve its flavor for longer. Some people usually keep it in the fridge while others keep it in the pantry.

Coffee, both powdered and bean, can be stored in the same way. Unlike powdered coffee – which loses part of its properties in the grinding process and requires the water temperature to extract its aromas and flavors – coffee beans retain their characteristics better.

If the product is stored in the refrigerator, it must be removed beforehand and consumed only when it has reached room temperature.

Once opened, if kept at room temperature, the coffee powder lasts about fifteen days and, if stored in the refrigerator, about a month. Therefore, if consumption in your home is not very large, the ideal is to purchase small portions of coffee at a time, buying 250g or 500g packages and using the product as soon as possible.

The most recommended place for storing coffee powder is inside the cupboard, away from light and products with strong odors (such as spices and cleaning products). This protection helps to maintain the essence of the coffee.

The most recommended is to store the coffee powder in a dark colored pot, always leaving it away from exposure to light, moisture and heat. If you don’t have a dark pot, choose to store it in its packaging, tightly closed.

The type of strainer also influences the original flavor of the coffee powder. Therefore, in order to correctly use the cloth coffee strainer, it is essential that you clean the material on a regular basis and change it at least every three months. 

This prevents the proliferation of bacteria and allows the most current coffee powder not to mix with the old (if you have changed or powder during the process). But, if what you are looking for is practicality – and a purer and lighter drink – the tip is always defined by the paper filter.

Do specialty coffees go bad in the fridge?

In the case of specialty coffees, the best way to maintain the properties of the beans is to keep them in their original packaging.

Made with laminated paper to maintain the ideal temperature inside the package, they provide a valve so that oxygen is removed when you squeeze them lightly.

For the coffee to be preserved in the best possible way, it is recommended to remove all the air from inside the package and secure it with an elastic band, so that the black is well compacted.

What are the precautions when storing coffee in the refrigerator?

Many people keep coffee in the fridge, believing it to alleviate other odors. This in fact happens, because the coffee absorbs the aromas close to it and breaks it and spreads its essence wherever it is. Storing coffee in the refrigerator also increases the product’s durability, compared to storage at room temperature.

But there’s one thing: make sure the jar or container is tightly closed, otherwise the taste and smell of the drink can change. Experts also say that when coffee is stored in the refrigerator, you should remove a portion whenever you prepare the drink. This portion must reach room temperature before being prepared.

Keep coffee in a cool place and away from odors and direct sunlight, such as a cupboard where you keep your groceries, for example.

It can be kept in an airtight pot or kept in the packaging itself, which, given the internal coating, helps to keep the coffee protected from heat and light, being only necessary to remove all the air from the packaging before being closed. 

Thus blocking the entry of oxygen and maintaining the characteristics for longer, preventing premature oxidation.

By following the tips shown, you will have a coffee that will be kept for much longer.

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In this little guide, we answered the question “does coffee go bad in the fridge?” and we discussed in detail how to store coffee and all the precautions that should be taken when storing your coffee.


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