Does coffee attract bugs?

In this text we will answer the question: “Does coffee attract bugs?”. In addition, we will talk about the favorite foods of cockroaches and insects and how we can keep them away from our coffee maker.

Does coffee attract bugs?

Yes, the smell of coffee attracts cockroaches a lot. The coffee grounds that we throw away make a great meal for them. Keep the trash tightly closed and out of the house and avoid leaving dirty cups and cups of coffee in the kitchen.

Cockroaches are crawling insects capable of ingesting any type of food. They spread bacteria, fungi, viruses, helminths and pathogenic protozoa that cause us, humans, various types of diseases and infections.

Among the huge amount of food available to them in the urban environment, some of them are favorites of cockroaches and other insects, like your garbage and even your coffee grounds. Because of this, we must be careful with the garbage and leftovers in our kitchen.

How do I avoid cockroaches and other insects in my coffee machine?

With some care, you can keep your coffee maker safe from ants, flies, cockroaches and other intruders.

  • Pay attention if, after brewing the coffee, any compartment of the machine gets wet. If it stays, always remember to dry all the corners after using the machine
  • Check that there is no coffee residue (or capsule powder) in the capsule compartment after brewing. Always clean this compartment after use
  • If your coffee machine has a drip tray under the cup holder, take care to keep it clean at all times. If there’s always some leftover there, the insects won’t take long to arrive
  • If your coffee machine has a reservoir for used capsules, always keep it clean
  • If your coffee machine has a dedicated milk tank, take care to keep it clean after each use. Milk tends to smell stronger over time, and bugs love it
  • If you don’t use your coffee maker for a long time, or if you use it sporadically (once a week), keep it in a well-protected place
  • After a long time without use, before making coffee again, run a water cycle without the capsule, for cleaning.
  • Keep the environment around the coffee maker clean at all times. Do not leave sugar, milk or capsule powder in the vicinity of the coffee maker. 
  • Avoid reusing used capsules, or using capsules that could leak coffee (or powder) into the coffee machine during preparation
  • Clean your coffee maker regularly. Clean it on the outside, but also on the inside.

But all the above tips are useless if you don’t get to the cause of the problem. Just keeping the coffee maker clean will not prevent new insects from reaching the place. Or that appear elsewhere in your house.

What foods attract cockroaches the most?

The smell of meat is highly attractive to cockroaches. They love meat, and even small pieces, often imperceptible to us, can be a real feast for this pest. Keep the kitchen clean by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Cockroaches love beer, a lot more than you might think. Never leave beer bottles or cans indoors unwashed. Even empty, the smell of the drink will attract small insects into your home.

If you think that leaving the candy wrapper loose on the floor only attracts ants, you’re wrong. Sugar is among the scents preferred by cockroaches. For this reason, it is important to keep the sugar jar tightly closed, filled cookie packs properly stored, and soda and juice cups always clean. 

Also remember that fruits have sugars and, like candy and soda, are full dishes for these insects.

How can I keep my house bug-free?

To keep cockroaches and other insects away from your home, you need to keep it clean, especially the kitchen, where most food is handled.

Keep the sink clean and don’t leave dishes and glasses scattered around the rooms of the house. Dumpsters must always be closed and garbage bags must not be on display. If none of that works, it’s a sign that the house needs a good extermination, which prevents cockroach infestation for five years.

The problem is not just about keeping the coffee maker clean. Try to discover the focus of the insects, and give the appropriate treatment to eliminate the origin where these bugs are emerging.

Look for an expert on the subject, and ask him to pay a visit; Surely, he will quickly find the source of insects in your environment (or where they are coming from) and the solution that is right for you (without harming children, pets and nature as a whole)


In this text we answer the question: “Does coffee attract bugs?”. In addition, we discussed what are the favorite foods of cockroaches and insects and how we can keep them away from our coffee maker.


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