Does coconut oil expire? (+5 signs)

In this brief guide we will address the question, “Does coconut oil expire?” as well as other questions pertaining to the subject at hand like how to tell if coconut oil is spoiled/bad and how long does coconut oil take to expire.

Does coconut oil expire? 

Coconut oil does eventually expire, but it takes it fair share of time before going so. It does not suddenly go bad. Coconut oil has 90% saturated fat and it is not going to last forever. You should toss it away when you are sure that your coconut oil has expired.

The popularity of coconut oil is because of its use, both in the cooking process and as a beauty product. Coconut oil has a melting point of just 24-degree Celsius, which means that it will remain a liquid at room temperature. In areas where the room temperature is less, it will be of a jelly consistency. Similarly, in areas where the temperature is close to the freezing point of water, coconut oil will be as hard as a rock. 

Being in a solid state does not mean that coconut oil is bad. This is the unique property of coconut oil that it can be used both in solid and liquid form. Have you ever noticed that if you place solidified coconut oil on your palm, it liquifies? Beautiful! Isn’t it?

So how do you know if your coconut oil is bad or spoiled? Just continue reading and we will discuss the five indicators that tell you if your coconut oil has gone bad. 

How long does coconut oil take to expire? 

Coconut oil usually takes about 2 years before it expires. Store bought coconut oil always comes with a “best by” date which is a rough estimate of its shelf life. It does not mean that the coconut oil will go bad immediately after this date. You can still use it as long as you are aware of the signs of spoilage. 

If you store coconut oil properly in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and properly enclosed in a container, chances are that your coconut oil will last months even after its mentioned “best by” date.

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5 signs of spoiled coconut oil.

Change in color

Fresh coconut oil has a transparent color that turns pale white when it is solidified. If you notice a change in color, it means that your coconut oil is either contaminated or past its expiry date. Such oil should immediately be discarded because it may cause skin problems if you are planning to use it on your skin. 

A change in color that can be typically observed in expired coconut oil is yellow. This is a characteristic sign that you need to discard your coconut oil. 

Change in texture

When we talk about the change in texture, we are not talking about solid or semi-solid state, but the presence or absence of small chunks or blotches in the oil. Presence of unknown particles or substances floating in the oil is a sign that your coconut oil has expired. 

Note that we are not talking about minor contaminants like dust in it. One must keep in mind that these are the indicators independent of such factors. 

Black oil spots

Another characteristic of spoiled or expired coconut oil is the presence of black oil spots. These black spots usually indicate the presence of molds in your oil. There is no way to revert these changes because the mold has already developed in your oil and will continue to spread in your oil. If you see these black spots, you should discard your coconut oil immediately.

Change in smell

Extra virgin coconut oil has a sweet smell, while properly refined coconut oil has a neutral smell. If you observe a change in smell towards a bitter or sour smell, it is an indicator that your coconut oil has gone bad and needs to be discarded immediately. 

Change in taste

This is particularly for those of you who use coconut oil in the cooking process. Fresh coconut oil does not impart a particular taste, but a sweet smell. However, if your coconut oil is bad or spoiled, the taste will be sour. You should immediately get rid of such an oil.


In this brief guide we have addressed the question, “Does coconut oil expire?” as well as other questions pertaining to the subject at hand like how to tell if coconut oil is bad/spoiled and how long does coconut oil take to expire.