Does coconut milk go bad in the fridge?

In this article, we answer the following question: Does coconut milk go bad in the fridge? We discuss how long does coconut milk last in the fridge, how to store it properly and how can we tell if coconut milk has gone bad. 

Does coconut milk go bad in the fridge?

Coconut milk does not go bad in the fridge, in fact, the cool space will prolong its freshness. Once opened, it is best to store the coconut milk in an airtight glass container in the fridge. Under these conditions, it is perfectly preserved for up to four days. For its part, homemade coconut milk can be kept in the fridge for two or three days.

Homemade vegetable milk, as they are not sterilized, pasteurized, or homogenized, have a much shorter and more delicate life than any packaged milk. A packaged unopened coconut milk can travel in a truck at 30ºC and be on a shelf for 2 years without this affecting its expiration date.

 This is unthinkable in the case of natural or homemade vegetable milk (or any fresh product) since in these cases a series of more demanding but not complicated conservation concepts or rules must be taken into account.

When we make plant-based milk, we know that it is alive, that is, we know that all the micro and macronutrients that inhabit it (amino acids, minerals, fats, vitamins, enzymes…) are alive and in constant transformation. In order for homemade milk to last for 3 to 5 days on average, we must always keep it in the refrigerator, between 2ºC and 5ºC.

The cold slows down the super activity of the nutrients and helps to preserve it for longer. When we expose non-dairy milk to room temperature (15-20ºC), the micro-organisms are activated, they work faster and the milk can spoil in a few hours.

How long does coconut milk last in the fridge?

If we keep the refrigerator between 5ºC and 8ºC, which is usual, the shelf life of non-dairy milk will vary between 3 and 5 days. The variations will depend mainly on the temperature of the refrigerator, the degree of oxidation and quality of the raw material used (cereals, seeds, nuts …), and the quality of the water.

A curious fact to take into account is that, contrary to what happens with any packaged milk that has been subjected to thermal pasteurization or sterilization processes, natural vegetable milk, because it is a living food, is like wine that gets better as it ages. It settles and improves its flavor and texture.

How can I tell if coconut milk is expired?

When coconut milk expires we will clearly perceive it through the smell and taste. We will notice that the milk no longer smells good and that if we take a sip, it is unpleasant, with a spicy touch due to the degree of fermentation. In some of the milk, you will also notice that the color and texture of the milk change a little, becoming darker and runny.

How to correctly store coconut milk?

It is enough to store the milk in a preferable glass container with a tight lid. To better preserve the milk we can also distribute it in glass jars of more or less individual size (the typical jams, which will have the volume of a soda can approximately) and they are stored in the refrigerator. With this trick two things are improved:

CONSERVATION, since each pot I finish in 1 or 2 times at most, and the rest are still closed and therefore more protected.

DECANTATION is easier to shake one of these jars and leave it homogeneous than to stir all the liquid that can fit in a larger container.

 Can you freeze coconut milk?

We can freeze coconut milk with the intention of making popsicles or ice creams without problems. But when we want to freeze the milk to prolong its conservation, we must bear in mind that when we defrost it:

  • Its expiration date will be greater than its fresh version that has not been subjected to freezing, so it will last for fewer days (1 or 2 days).
  • Thawed milk will also suffer a deterioration in its structure and texture. Nut milk is the best vegetable milk to heat.

If we have no choice but to freeze, we will, but as a general rule, it is preferable to lower the temperature of the refrigerator to 2ºC and thus extend the life of our fresh milk for longer. In this way, we will avoid sacrificing the original texture and flavor of the milk and we will be able to enjoy the aging process that improves the drink so much.

Final thoughts

In this article, we answered the following question: Does coconut milk go bad in the fridge? We discussed how long does coconut milk last in the fridge, how to store it properly and how can we tell if coconut milk has gone bad. 

 Coconut milk is a very good addition to fried sauces and is an interesting alternative to thickeners in sauces such as flour and cornstarch. Coconut milk is a fairly thick liquid that has a fine and creamy texture and a sweet taste to the actor. It is prepared by straining the water from the coconut pulp and does not contain the milk of animal origin.

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