Does cinnamon attract roaches? (+5 effective natural cockroach repellents)

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “Does cinnamon attract roaches” with an in-depth analysis of whether or not cinnamon attracts and kills the roaches. Moreover, we are going to discuss the natural substances that can be used to keep the cockroaches at bay from your kitchen.

So it’s summertime and your kitchen has become the home of some uninvited guests, the cockroaches hid in various crevices of your house, ready for the night time to set in so that they can begin feasting. Your first instinct will be to get rid of them and what can be greater than using natural non-toxic substances for this purpose. Most locally available insect repellants and sprays are brimming with harmful chemicals, so on the off chance that you have pets or children, managing cockroaches is particularly concerning. So that is where we are going to help you by giving you the idea about does cinnamon attracts roaches.

So without much ado, let’s dive in and figure out more about it.

Does cinnamon attract roaches?

No, cinnamon does not attract roaches. In fact, the strong essence and scent of cinnamon powder repel the roaches and other bugs. The strong scent keeps the bugs at bay when sprinkled inside kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Cinnamon works wonders when it comes to its insect repellent properties. Cockroaches do not like the smell of cinnamon and it makes them frenzy. Therefore you can use cinnamon to keep the roaches at bay.

But one thing to keep in mind while doing so is to never use the sugared cinnamon or you would end up preparing a treat for the insects. So always use pure ground cinnamon to get rid of not only the roaches but also the bugs, ants, and other insects.

How does cinnamon help to get rid of roaches?

Roaches have a really strong sense of smell and the already strong scent of cinnamon just causes havoc in the roaches. Thus the roaches go away from the places where cinnamon is used. Thus the cinnamon does not attract the roaches rather it repels them owing to its strong scent. So sprinkle it in your cabinets, windows pane, or corners of your kitchen and effectively get rid of the germ-spreading disease-causing roaches.

Natural substances to get rid of roaches

Following are the three most effective natural substances that can be used to set the sense of smell of roaches against them and to kill them effectively.


Cockroaches hate the smell of lavender, so by planting lavender in your house you can easily keep the roaches away from your home. Moreover by sprinkling the lavender oil mixed in water in each nook and corner of your house you can get rid of the already existing roaches in your house.


Many of us like the smell of the mind but the roaches do not find it amusing. Therefore using the mint leaves or sprinkling the mint essential oil mixed with water proves to be effective in order to get rid of the roaches hidden in your house. It is a natural remedy that is free from any toxic chemicals which makes it safe to use around kids and pets. While spraying mint induced water, give special attention to places like

  • Cracks in walls or floor
  • Under the kitchen appliances
  • Food storage spaces 
  • Cabinets

Moreover, you can try mixing two parts water with one part white vinegar and 10 drops of peppermint oil and spray it on the roaches to effectively get rid of them.


We love the tangy smell of the citrus fruits but that is not the case with the roaches. Therefore you can use the citrus-scented cleaners in your house or place some citrus fruit peels in your kitchen or other places infested with roaches to chase away all the roaches from your home.


Eucalyptus is also one of the non-toxic natural roach-repellant. So you can plant eucalyptus around your house, in your garden or you can spray eucalyptus essential oil mixed with water to get rid of the cockroaches. 


The essential oils in the catnip help to get rid of the roaches and this fact is backed up by the scientific evidence provided by a study at Lowa State University. The study suggested that the effect of catnip on repelling roaches is even more than the commonly used repellent DEET. So use its essential oil or place some catnip leaves around your house to get rid of roaches.

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “Does cinnamon attract roaches” with an in-depth analysis of whether or not cinnamon attracts and kills the roaches. Moreover, we also discussed some natural substances that can be used to keep the cockroaches at bay from your kitchen.