Does canned chicken broth go bad?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “does canned chicken broth go bad?”, and other queries related to this topic.

Does canned chicken broth go bad? 

Yes, canned chicken broth can go bad. However, on the product’s container, it is stamped a “best-before” date. So, using the product within this period will guarantee its quality and taste.

Moreover, the shelf life of the canned chicken broth can range from one to two years if stored properly in a cool and dry place like in your pantry or cabinet.

In addition, unopened canned chicken broth can still be used after six months from its expiry date since it is well-sealed so the air can not deteriorate its ingredients.

However, once your chicken broth can be opened , store it in the fridge and try to consume it within three to four days.

Also, on the product’s label, you might find that the duration of consumption after opening is seven days, but do not take the risk and consume it after four days.

Furthermore, you can leave your opened chicken broth at room temperature for only two days. Thus, do not do this because bacteria can grow in the product at a warm temperature and you will end up sick.

How long does chicken broth last in the fridge?

As mentioned earlier, chicken broth can last for three to four days in the fridge. Moreover, same as store bought chicken broth, the homemade version can also last for three to four days.

As well as low temperatures, the fat in the chicken broth assures good protection from bacteria and mold development within the chicken broth. Also, herbs and spices added during the preparation reduce the risk of bacterial proliferation.

Can you freeze canned chicken broth?

Yes, you can freeze canned chicken broth but before freezing you should transfer the chicken broth to another container in order to put it in the freezer. Because canned food should not be refrigerated since the liquid within the can will expand leading to an explosion.

To freeze the canned chicken broth it is better to pour the liquid into an ice cube tray. This way will facilitate its usage in your recipes later on.

What is the proper way to store chicken broth?

As long as your chicken broth is canned and unopened, you can keep it at room temperature, in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight exposure. However, once it is opened, you can store it in the fridge for three to four days.

Before putting your canned chicken broth in the fridge, transfer the contents of the can into an air-tight container because it is not recommended to store food in cans in the refrigerator since the product’s taste might be altered and changed.

However, some chicken broth is bottled in boxes. These boxes are usually resealable. So in this case, you can use the original package to store your broth in the fridge.

Moreover, as mentioned previously chicken broth can be frozen. Freezing your chicken broth can increase its shelf life. In addition, the same storage conditions can be applied to homemade chicken broth.

Also, do not store preheated canned or homemade chicken broth, and before storing your broth in the fridge make sure it is well cooled.

How can you tell if the chicken broth is bad?

To tell if your chicken broth is bad, first of all, check the expiry date stamped on the box or the can. Also, if you notice that the box or the can is damaged and it is leaking, throw it away and do not use it in your recipe.

Moreover, like any other perishable food, chicken broth can develop signs of spoilage. So, one of the spoilage signs is the appearance of your product. With time and if not properly stored, mold can develop on the top of your broth.

Also, your store-bought stock should be clear without any sedimentation. On the other hand, homemade chicken broth will be more cloudy than store bought stokes.

Furthermore, one of the spoilage signs is the smell of broth. So, if you notice a sour and funny smell, discard it. Additionally, the taste of the stock is one of the most noticeable signs of spoilage. The deteriorated broth will have a bad taste.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “does canned chicken broth go bad?”, and other queries related to this topic.

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