Does bud light go bad?

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Does Bud Light go bad? 

Yes, Bud Light goes bad and expires. The shelf life of the Bud Light beer is 110 days. However, you still can be drinking Bud Light beer after it passes its expiry date, and sometimes after six to nine months, without affecting your health. But, like any other beer, its quality will be reduced and the taste will not be the same.

Moreover, on the Bud Light beer bottle, it is mentioned as a “born-on” date. The first two numbers represent the day, the other three letters represent the month and the last two numbers represent the year.

Bud Light contains around 3.4 percent alcohol, this property along with its acidity, its low pH, and the hops that have antimicrobial activity, make the deterioration of the beer very hard and take a very long time. However, multiple factors such as air, temperature, and light lead to a decline in beer quality.

The air leads to oxidation of the product, which is also accelerated by high temperature and heat. Thus an appearance of a bad taste and smell. Additionally, the exposure of the product to light will alter the beer’s taste. That’s why beer is usually preserved in a brown or green glass bottle or an aluminum can.

What is Bud Light?

Bud Light is an American-style light-lager beer. As its name means, Bud Light has a very light color and very weak and light taste and odor. Moreover, Bud Light beer is made of barley, rice, and hops.

The Bud Light beer manufacturers developed a method to remove the carbohydrates present in the rice and then the carbohydrates extracted are transformed into a syrup added through the fermentation process.

Moreover, Bud Light has different flavors made from the addition of fruit juices or fruit extracts such as strawberries, lime, orange, cherries, or grapefruits to the beer.

How long can unopened Bud Light last?

As mentioned earlier, Bud Light can last unopened for 110 days according to the manufacturers. However, you still consume it after its expiry date but its taste will not be the same as before. Moreover, refrigeration can increase the shelf life of your sealed beer for about 2 years while preserving its quality.

But once opened, you can conserve your bottle for one day in the refrigerator. Because the air in the product facilitates the oxidation process and the bacterial growth within the drink despite the beer alcohol content. However, refrigeration can slow down the bacterial maturation process.

How to tell if Bud Light is bad?

Like any other beer, Bud Light goes bad and it shows some spoilage signs. For example, one of the signs is the flavor, any change in the flavor or the taste of your product means that you should toss your beer and buy a fresher one. Other than the taste of the beer, the smell and the odor of Bud Light will change.

Once you open the bottle of aged beer you will notice a foul and sour smell. Moreover, if you see any foreign object or sediments at the bottom of the bottle, do not drink it. Because it is a sign of oxidation. Additionally, oxidized beer may contain more alcohol than fresh beer.

Furthermore, if you have already frozen your beer and you thaw it, its taste might change due to the loss of carbonation. Hence, it is extremely safe to be consumed, but it will be tasteless.

How should you store Bud Light?

Similar to all alcohols and especially beers, Bud Light should be stored in a cool, dry place and far from heat and high temperatures. Three major environmental factors affect the quality of your beer.

First, is the oxygen exposure that leads to product oxidation. Second is the light that enhances the oxidation process, and finally, the beer exposure to bacteria that contaminate the product due to its toxins and might lead to food contamination.

Furthermore, do not refrigerate a beer that has already been refrigerated and warmed at room temperature because temperature changes affect its taste.

What happens if you drink expired Bud Light?

Drinking an expired Bud Light is safe and does not cause any harm as long as it does not show any spoilage signs. However, as mentioned previously, expired Bud Light might have an alcohol concentration higher than 3.4 percent which may lead to nausea and headache.

Moreover, Bud Light beer is pasteurized to minimize the bacterial content within the beer. Hence, inappropriate storage might lead to bacterial growth inside the beer.

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In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “does bud light go bad?” and other queries related to this topic.

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