Does bleach kill fleas and eggs?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “does bleach kill fleas and eggs?”, how does the bleach kill fleas, how long does it take to kill them, and other queries related to this topic.

Does bleach kill fleas and eggs? 

Yes, bleach can kill fleas and eggs. Fleas are a sort of parasite that lives on your dog or your cat. You can find them on the neck or the back of your pet. However, fleas can cause a serious problem for your pet.

Bleach usage is an effective way to kill fleas and eggs, however, you need to use it correctly. Bleach is toxic if ingested by your pet or your child, thus make sure to keep them away for at least three hours from the surface when you apply the bleach solution.

If your pet ingested or touched the bleach solution by mistake, it can experience some vomiting and skin irritation.

How to use bleach to kill fleas?

To use bleach to kill fleas you have to dilute the solution with water. To do it, follow the 1:10 ratio, and put 1 ounce of bleach in 10 ounce water. Then, start applying the solution to the surface where you noticed the presence of the fleas.

You can spray the solution or you can use a towel to mop the surface. Before starting, make sure you are protecting yourself, so wear gloves and a mask. However, be attentive to where you are putting or spraying the solution because bleach can deteriorate your furniture.

This way can kill the fleas and the eggs, but few eggs can survive so consider redoing these steps a few times to ensure there are no eggs left.

Regarding the infected clothes, put them in the washing machine at a high temperature and make sure that the water is hot enough. Moreover, if you want you can add some color-safe bleach to your clothes. However, if your clothes are white add some regular bleach since it will not affect the color.

How long does it take bleach to kill fleas?

Bleach can kill fleas within a few seconds. However, it all depends on the concentration of the bleach in the solution, the more it is concentrated the more it will be fast and effective in killing the fleas.

Bleach, also known as sodium hypochlorite, when mixed and dissolved in water will transform into highly corrosive acid. This acid enters the cell of the fleas and kills them. However, the reaction between the sodium chloride and the water emits a gas that irritates the skin. This gas is fatal for insects.

Why are fleas difficult to kill?

The life process of the fleas is the main problem and it explains why it is difficult to kill them. Fleas search for a warm place to live and to put their eggs. This parasite can sit on the pet and begins to benefit from its blood. However, a flea can lay upwards of 50 eggs each day.

Eggs take about one week and a half to hatch, these little fleas prefer dark and warm places so they reside on the carpet, the furniture, and the bed.

Will bleach kill fleas on dogs and cats?

Yes, bleach will kill fleas on dogs and cats. But keep in mind that fleas on your pet will not stay on him. Fleas look for a warm place to put their eggs. However, if you regularly bathe your pet and apply the needed products to prevent parasites like fleas this will be enough.

Moreover, bleach can cause health and skin problems to your pet. 

Why shouldn’t I use bleach on my dog?

Bleach like many products should not be used on your dog. Bleach can cause skin itching and irritation. However, if your dog is bleeding or has a skin problem, bleach can lead to a skin infection. Furthermore, the gas produced by the reaction between bleach and water can harm your pet, since dogs have a very delicate feeling of smell.

Moreover, do not consider using any product that contains ammonia on your pet. Also, fabric softeners, products used to clean your counter, your oven or your carpet can not be used on your dog since they can lead to vomiting, kidney problems, lung damage, fever, and many other problems.

How to get rid of fleas in the garden?

To get rid of the fleas from your garden, buy a spray specialized to kill fleas from the garden. However, clean your garden from leaves, weeds, and trash regularly.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “does bleach kill fleas and eggs?”, how does the bleach kill fleas, how long does it take to kill them, and other queries related to this topic.


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