Does black coffee mean no sugar?

In this text we will show the meaning of black coffee and show the benefits of drinking this drink without sweeteners. We will also give you some ideas on how to start drinking coffee straight and without sugar or cream.

Does black coffee mean no sugar?

Yes, black coffee means plain coffee without sugar, cream or any other ingredient added to the coffee.

Drinking coffee is part of the routine of most people in the world. For many people, the day only begins if a good cup of this drink is consumed. What usually accompanies coffee is sugar and cream, which can become a problem if you overdo it or drink more than one coffee a day.

Why should you drink your coffee black?

Coffee has several benefits when consumed in the ideal amount and without the addition of sugar or cream. So, when this drink is consumed simply and without additionals, it can bring a series of benefits.

  1. Taste the full flavor of coffee

Anyone who loves the flavor of coffee needs to stop sweetening it. After all, sugar alters the bitter and strong taste of coffee. 

Therefore, you cannot fully enjoy it. On the other hand, when you stop sweetening it, you notice all the nuances and flavors of the drink.

When you add sugar or other sweeteners you end up taking the flavor out of the coffee.

Therefore, when drinking it straight, you can feel the authentic taste of all the notes the drink has, in a more intense way. The smoothness and flavor of coffee varies according to the beans and type of grinding.

  1. Decreases hunger and helps you lose weight

Coffee is a stimulating drink. In other words, it helps speed up metabolism. However, it also provides a feeling of well-being and satiety, due to the presence of caffeine and antioxidant compounds.

In addition, drinking coffee without sugar or cream is a great alternative for those who do not want to get fat, as the pure drink is non-calorie, having less than 5 calories per cup.

On the other hand, even if coffee doesn’t make you burn more calories in the long run, there’s still a possibility that it will decrease your appetite and help you eat less since drinking this beverage reduces your appetite.

  1. Decreases the risk of diabetes

This chronic disease is already a reality in the lives of millions. The disease arises when the blood sugar level goes out of control.

Not drinking coffee with sugar helps to control the craving for sweets. That’s because this ingredient encourages the body to want to consume more sugar. Therefore, drinking without sugar or any kind of sweetener is much healthier.

Therefore, consuming coffee without sugar or sweetener is much healthier, as it helps to balance blood glucose levels and reduces our desire to consume more sugar.

Some tips to start drinking coffee without sugar and cream

When you get used to the taste of the sweetened drink or with the addition of cream, it can be difficult to start drinking black coffee. If you want to cut these extras from your coffee, we have some tips.

  1. Start by removing just a little sugar

The idea is that, day after day or week after week, the amount of sugar decreases. If you are used to sweetening with 2 tablespoons of sugar, start with just 1 and a half. Next week just use 1.

Over time you will get used to the intense flavor of the drink and you won’t need to sweeten it anymore.

  1. Drink coffee with other ingredients

After reducing the amount of sugar, it is possible to try new ways to sweeten the coffee. You can add cinnamon, cloves and even honey, but remember that honey is also high in carbohydrates. 

Both cinnamon and cloves release a substance that, at high temperatures, perfumes the drink and brings a sweet taste.

  1. Modify your preparation method

If you are not yet used to cutting the artificial sweets of coffee, a tip to start with is to choose preparation methods that do not provoke the taste right away with high doses of caffeine or accentuated bitterness.

Adica is to start with strained methods, where the filter will retain some substances, resulting in a coffee with clearer flavors (capable of revealing delicate notes) and smooth.

  1. Choose a high quality coffee

You should choose a high quality 100% Arabica coffee. This type of bean has a natural sweetness and is very aromatic, offering a complete experience.

The quality of the coffee totally interferes with the taste of the drink. Buy a grinder and prefer to grind at home, since freshly ground coffee tends to taste better.

We can conclude that black coffee is a drink made without the addition of sugar, cream or other sweetener, just coffee and hot water.

Drinking black coffee brings numerous health benefits and if you are not used to drinking this drink without sweeteners, you should start removing the sugar gradually, in order to gradually get used to the intense flavor of the drink.


In this text we showed the meaning of black coffee and showed the benefits of drinking this drink without sweeteners. We also gave you some ideas on how to start drinking coffee straight and without sugar or cream.


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