Does beer tenderize meat?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “does beer tenderize meat?”, how does beer tenderize the meat, how much time it should sit in the marinade, and other queries related to this topic.

Does beer tenderize meat? 

Yes, beer tenderizes meat. Some compounds present in beer help in tenderizing the meat. To do so, make sure you marinate it for enough time in beer and you use it with the right ingredients and spices. In addition to tenderizing meat, beer adds a unique flavor to the meat after cooking. So, if you have beer leftover use it for tenderizing your meat instead of throwing it.

However, nor beer or wine are so effective in tenderizing meat. Lemon or citrus fruits are much more effective. 

How does beer tenderize meat?

Beer contains some acids and polyphenols that help in tenderizing meat. In general, these compounds break down the fiber present in the meat. These two main constituents are the tannins and the alpha acids.

Regarding the tannins, they bind to the proteins and the fibers present in the meat and break them down. In addition, tannins act on the fat molecules in the meat. By breaking down fat, they help in releasing the flavors of the meat. 

Also, the alpha acids method in tenderizing the meat is similar to how the tannins act on them.

How long can you marinate meat in beer?

The minimum time to marinate your meat is 2 hours. Putting your meat for enough time in the marinade that contains beer is essential for the acids and the tannins to begin their action on the breakdown of the fibers. In general, it is preferred to sit your meat in the marinade overnight.

However, the marination time of the piece of meat depends on how tough it is. For example, a meat steak should not be left in the beer marinade for more than 8 hours, hence, chicken can sit in it for 12 hours.

Furthermore, when left for a longer time in the marination, the color of the steak can change. The surface of the steak will turn gray, but this color change will not affect the taste.

In addition to color change, the meat contains collagen and when it starts to break down under the effect of the tannins and the acids it will form a  gelatin-like material. So, make sure you marinate your meat for the right amount of time, in the right beer to get the best of it and prevent dry and tough steak at the end.

What is the best beer for marinating meat?

Choosing the best type of beer for marination depends on the type of meat you are using and its toughness. For turkey, lighter beer works, since this type of meat is very flavorful and the light beer will tenderize it without changing its taste. However, to tenderize your steak or your lamb use stout beers. This beer enriches your meat with special flavors, and here is a recipe.

Consider using dark beer to soften your chicken if it is very tough or light beer for the tender parts.

What steps to follow to have tender meat?

To have soft and tender meat you should follow a few steps, and here they are:

  • Choose the beer you want to use according to the meat you have.
  • Prepare your marinade. You can add only beer to your meat but adding some spices will give it an extra flavor.
  • Place your meat and the marination sauce in a plastic bag and close it very well.
  • Let your meat sit for enough time in the fridge.
  • Cook your meat until it is fully cooked or it depends on the degree of doneness you like.

What food can be used to tenderize meat?

In addition to beer, there are many more ingredients in your kitchen that can be used to tenderize your meat. Some fruits such as pineapples and papayas are also effective. These two contain enzymes, papain in papaya and bromelain in pineapples, that break down fibers and soften your meat.

However, not only beer does contain tannins but tea also has them. Its very high tannins content makes it a good substitute for beer to tenderize meat. Furthermore, baking soda added to the surface of your meat may soften the meat due to pH changes.

Moreover, lemon juice and vinegar are the most commonly used to tenderize meat. Their high acidity makes them very effective. Also, soda and carbonated beverages are very acidic which makes them effective on meat softness and tenderness. Lastly, the buttermilk which contains an acid called lactic acid. These kinds of acids can also help in fiber breakdown.

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In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “does beer tenderize meat?”, how does beer tenderize the meat, how much time should it sit in the marinade, and other queries related to this topic.


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