Does beer have caffeine?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “does beer have caffeine?”, the different types of caffeinated beer, and other queries related to this topic.

Does beer have caffeine? 

No, beer does not contain caffeine. Beer is made from the fermentation of the sugar present in grains like barley or wheat by the yeast; this process leads to alcohol production, not caffeine. However, sometimes few ingredients like chocolate or coffee are added to give a special taste to the beer, only in this case beer might contain caffeine.

Is there any caffeine in alcohol?

Yes, some types of alcohol contain caffeine. Caffeine can not be produced during the process of alcohol fermentation but it is added to some beverages.

Caffeine is found naturally in several plants and acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system. However, alcohol or ethanol is produced after sugar fermentation by the yeast.

Moreover, caffeinated alcoholic beverages are beverages that contain alcohol and a high amount of caffeine and the major example of this type of drink is energy drinks.

How much caffeine does coffee beer have?

The amount of caffeine in coffee beer depends on the brand of the coffee beer. However, generally, they are very low in caffeine and you need to drink a huge amount of them to get the same amount of caffeine you take from one cup of coffee. So, adding coffee to the beer is mainly to give it a special taste.

Moreover, on the market, we have two popular types of caffeinated beer other than the one with coffee.

The first one is the chocolate beer. The real chocolate beer is the one that was fermented with cacao or chocolate. This type also has a little amount of caffeine in it. However, most chocolate beer does not contain chocolate but the chocolate taste comes from the way of processing the grains before fermentation, so it might not contain caffeine.

Furthermore, the other type is tea-infused beer. Since tea contains a small amount of caffeine, the tea-infused beer content of caffeine might be negligible. However, the method and the time of infusion pays a role.

Do dark beers have caffeine?

No, dark beer does not contain caffeine. The color of the beer is not related to its caffeine content. The dark color of the beer is due to the brewing process of this type of beer.

To produce such beer, a special malt is used, also before fermentation, the grains are roasted for a longer time compared with light-colored beer. However, the flavor of the dark beer is more intense. Regarding its health benefits, dark beer contains more antioxidants compared to light-colored beer.

In some cases, nuts or caramel are added to them during the production process giving a special taste and color.

Is mixing caffeine and alcohol bad?

Yes, it is not advised to mix caffeine and alcohol but it is still very common. Regarding the role and the effect of each component on our body and especially on our central nervous system, caffeine stimulates the secretion of specific neurotransmitters involved in making the person more alert, attentive and awake.

However, alcohol has an opposite role, it makes you sleepy, inattentive, and tired. When mixed, the caffeine reduces the effect of alcohol. Thus, following the intake of caffeine and alcohol at once, the person will be fully awake for that reason he will drink more.

Moreover, excessive alcohol intake is not advised since it has a major effect on health like liver diseases, obesity, mouth cancer, and so on.

The effect of mixing alcohol and caffeine does not only make you more awake but it can increase your blood pressure leading to heart attack and stroke. Thus, if a person has any heart problems it is better to avoid mixing them.

Furthermore, after drinking a deal of alcohol, people tend to drink coffee or a beverage rich in caffeine. In this case, coffee that is high in caffeine will wake you up but it will not reduce the concentration of alcohol in your blood.

What drinks are caffeine-free?

If you are searching for caffeine-free drinks, here is a list:

  • Root beer
  • Carbonated water
  • Caffeine-free coca-cola
  • Sprite
  • Fruit juices

The list is so long, so before buying your drink read the food label very well, it should be written on it. However, keep in mind that most carbonated beverages and soft drinks like soda contain caffeine.

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In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “does beer have caffeine?”, the different types of caffeinated beer, and other queries related to this topic.


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