Does beer go bad if it gets warm?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “does beer go bad if it gets warm?” and other queries related to this topic.

Does beer go bad if it gets warm? 

No, beer does not go bad if it gets warm. However, storing beer at a warm temperature affects its flavor and drops its shelf life from nearly six months to only a few weeks. Beer kept at a warm temperature will not make you sick but its taste will not be very good.

If stored at a warm temperature a bottle of beer can spoil within three months. Also, light can affect the flavor of the beer, because it speeds up the oxidation process. So, beer bottles must be kept away from light to prevent the development of skunky flavors. Hence, beer is best preserved in the cold to ensure its freshness.

Moreover, unopened beer can last for a long time at room temperature. Generally, it will stay at its best for about 4 to 6 months.

Does beer go bad if it gets hot?

As mentioned earlier, keeping the beer at a warm or hot temperature will change its flavor but will not affect your health if you consume it.

However, extreme heat is bad for beer. Heat by itself leads to beer oxidation not to mention that light exposure for a long time affects the flavor of the beer. So, store your beer at room temperature and chill it once you want to drink it. However, storing beer in the refrigerator is generally a good idea because it is both a cold and a dark place.

Beer should be transported or shipped in a cooled truck because beer sitting in an unrefrigerated truck in hot weather will alter its taste. 

How to tell if beer is bad?

If your beer smell is off or funny, consider throwing it. However, if you poured your beer in a glass and you noticed that there is a change in the color or there are many masses discarding the beer.

Moreover, if everything seems to be okay and you took a sip or if you drank a bit of it and its taste seems not good enough for you to get rid of it.

Beer rarely spoils in a way it’s no longer safe for consumption. Unless the bottle or can is leaky, it will stay safe to use for years.

How warm can beer get before it goes bad?

Keeping your beer at 90 degrees Fahrenheit for just three days might be possible. However, the cooler the place where you store your beer the longer it will last. If you store it at 72 degrees it will last for 30 days and 300 days at 38 degrees. 

The beer can spoil within three months of being stored at a warm temperature. Consider storing your bottles away from light and high temperatures.

Can I drink beer that was left out?

Yes, there is no problem in drinking a beer that has been left out. However, if kept for a long time outside or in warm weather, its taste might change.

Once the bottle of beer is opened you should drink it within one or two days. Hence, drinking a beer that has been left for more than three days in your refrigerator will not cause any harm but its taste will be quite different from what you expected.

So, consider drinking the opened beer after a maximum of two days, because after this period the beer will taste stale and you’ll have to throw it away.

Does beer taste bad if it gets warm then cold again?

No, the taste will not go bad if your beer gets warm and then cold. Generally, beer does not spoil if it goes from cold to warm to cold again so it is safe and there is no harm to the drink if it is taken out of the fridge and allowed to warm up to room temperature before further cooling. However, chilled beer will last longer.

How to store beer?

For safe storage and to prevent taste change and alteration, keep your beer in a dark place far from the light. The light will facilitate the oxidation process which is a chemical reaction that occurs inside the product, resulting in a skunky taste.

However, beer placed in cans, kegs, and casks provides the beer with good protection against the light but clear and green bottles offer the least protection.

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In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “does beer go bad if it gets warm?” and other queries related to this topic.