Does alum stop bleeding?

In this brief article, we will answer the question does alum stop bleeding, we will also explain five health benefits and precautions for using alum

Does alum stop bleeding?

Yes, alum can stop bleeding effectively and it can also accelerate the healing process. It is due to its hemostatic properties, the ions in it makes the blood clot on the spot.

What is alum?

Alum is a type of chemical compound usually a dehydrated double sulfate salt of aluminum. Its general formula is XAl ₂·12H ₂O, where X is potassium or ammonium. It is present in food as an additive in a very small amount. The recommended dose is 1 or 2 pinches daily if needed.

According to the FDA it is toxic and has large doses and that’s why only a specified amount of alum is allowed in food. Consuming a large amount of alum in any form can be dangerous to health and has harmful consequences to it.

How do alum stop bleeding?

Alum is a complex compound with mineral ions in it, these ions can help stop the bleeding process. Alum is used on small cuts to control bleeding and to initiate the healing process. It stops bleeding due to the hemostatic properties of it.

Hemostasis is a process to stop or control bleeding and keep the blood in blood vessels. The ions present in alum react with blood cells and make a clot of blood. This stops the blood in blood vessels as it becomes to cross a clot. Once bleeding stops the body starts healing itself.

Methods to apply alum on cut:

The way to apply alum on an area which is bleeding is easy but it makes all the difference. The proper application is with coconut oil, take 1-2 pinch of alum and add it into coconut oil. Apply this mixture on the affected area to stop bleeding and start healing.

Other health benefits of alum:

Healing of wounds:

Alum also helps in healing of wounds, it decreases the swelling and brings back the smooth texture of skin. It is because alum is used as an astringent and has healing properties. It also helps by stopping the bleeding to start the healing process.

The method to apply alum on a wound is to mix ¼ tablespoon of alum powder in water. Heat it for 5-10 minutes and cool it for a while. Wash the wound with this water to start the quick healing process.

Heals mouth ulcers:

Mouth ulcers are white blisters like ulcers that appear usually on the side of tongue, inside of the cheeks, on gums and inside the bottom lip. Alum plays a significant role in healing mouth ulcers and cures them. As mouth ulcers are painful, applying alum quickens the healing process.

To cure your mouth ulcer, you need to take 1-2 pinch of alum and mix it with honey. Apply this mixture on the affected area twice daily. For complete healing you may need to repeat the process several times

To cure whooping cough:

Alum is used to help control the symptoms of whooping cough as it reduces the mucus in lungs. It also controls the vomiting reflux in patients due to its astringent properties. The removal of the mucus layer also makes it easy to breathe.

The method to use alum in case of whooping cough is by mixing 1-2 pinches of alum in honey. Use this mixture twice daily or after meals to get rid of whooping cough.

To reduce menorrhagia:

Heavy menstruation or menorrhagia is a common problem in many females around the world. In many areas it is considered better to use home remedies to cure this condition. Using alum is in way to control bleeding in this condition

The method is to mix 1-2 pinch of alum in one teaspoon of honey. Consume the mixture after eating light foods. The hemostatic properties of alum control the bleeding. As heavy bleeding is painful it is better to use a prescribed pain killer as well.

Precautions when using alum:

  • Alum is a toxic compound when consumed in large doses, it is better to use recommended dose of alum
  • Don’t consume alum directly but instead mix it with honey and only use 1-2 pinch of alum
  • Applying alum directly on wound is quite dangerous it is better to mix it I n water and wash the wound with it
  • When mixing alum in water it is better to heat the mixture as alum takes times to dissolve
  • Alum can cause constipation, it is better to consume alum when prescribed and in small amounts
  • Alum is used in baking as preservative but it is not always the best plan to cook alum


In this brief article, we have answer the question does alum stop bleeding, we have also explained five health benefits and precautions for using alum

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