Does acid go bad?

This brief guide will address the query, “Does acid go bad?”.We will discuss the method of storing it. Moreover, we will also discuss its shelf life and the effects of an acid trip on the brain and body.

Does acid go bad?

Yes, acid can go bad. Its chemical name is Lysergic acid diethylamide(LSD). If the drug is ingested, then you will notice the effects after 20 to 90 minutes of ingestion. 

The average shelf life of acid is 6 to 15 hours. The shelf life of most of the trips is 12 hours. When the trip is over, you can notice the “afterglow” effects again for 6 hours. 

Your body needs 24 hours to come back to its stable position. 

What is the method of storing acid?

You can increase the shelf life of acid by keeping it away from heat, sunlight, moisture, and oxygen. In this way, the decomposition of acid can be prevented. If acid is exposed to these four factors, then its shelf life will be decreased, and it can lose its potency. 

Avoid keeping it near to the source of

  • High temperature
  • Light
  • Air
  • Humidity 


  • You can decrease the potency of acid in high volume by keeping it near the light for only a short time.
  • Decomposition of acid can occur by exposure to light such as fluorescent light or ultraviolet light.
  • Don’t keep acid in transparent containers. So, the fluorescent light can spoil it.
  • If you keep it in normal room light, and the conditions are optimal, then it can last 1 week.
  • You can keep acid in a dark and cool place.
  • The tabs of acid should be wrapped in tin foil. In this way, no light can make it bad too early.
  • If you have an opaque container, then keeping the tabs in this container is the best option.
  • The tabs can be stored in dark tinted glass containers. The effect of light can be decreased by using dark glass. 


  • A dry environment is best for storing acid. Microbial growth is promoted, and chemical reactions are catalyzed due to the presence of moisture.
  • The control of temperature, and the circulation of air help in reducing the levels of moisture. In this way, high humidity can be prevented.
  • You can’t keep acid in the cabinet of the kitchen or your bedroom. The most humid place in the house is considered the kitchen.
  • Don’t store acid near the silica packets. If you like to use silica packets then they should be wiped using a dry towel.
  • The tabs should be stored in a dry environment.
  • The tabs should be stored with cleaned silica packets.


  • Hot temperatures are not good for acid. The effectiveness of acid will be reduced by exposing it to high temperatures and keep[ing it near hot areas.
  • The control of temperature, and the circulation of air help in reducing the levels of moisture. The heat exposure can also be reduced in this way.
  • You can keep it in a cool place. If you keep it at room temperature, then the potency of The control of temperature, and the circulation of air help in reducing the levels of moisture. Will start decreasing.
  • If you want to keep it for a long time, then the refrigerator is the best option.

If the acid is in tablet form, then you can swallow it. If it is in liquid form, you can use it as a drop.

What are the effects of acid drip on your body?

Acid has effects on thoughts, body, and mind. 

On brain

Hallucinogenic effects can be seen by the use of acid. Heightened senses are noticed. 

You will see the effects

  • Noisy colors
  • Brighter colors
  • Trails behind objects
  • Mood is affected

If you are going to take acid in a happy condition, then you will feel happier and more relaxed. If you are going to take acid in sad conditions, then you will feel more upset, stressed, and frustrated. 

On body

The body experiences the effects during an acid trip

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Dryness of mouth
  • Blood pressure will increase
  • Heart rate will increase

When you take the optimal amount of acid, then it is safe. Otherwise, it will leave you in unsafe conditions. If you want to have a moderate trip, then a dose of 1-3mg is enough for you. 

It is enough per kg of body weight. Changing in consciousness can occur. The conditions of confusion and the scared feelings can occur due to a bad acid trip.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query,” Does acid go bad?”. We have discussed the method of storing it. Moreover, we have also discussed its shelf life and the effects of an acid trip on the brain and body.


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