Do you pay for HelloFresh weekly or monthly? (+7 HelloFresh features)

This post will explain if you pay for HelloFresh weekly or monthly. We will also list the various features that you can expect to find in HelloFresh. Finally, we will be checking out a few alternatives to HelloFresh that exist in the market today. HelloFresh and other meal-kit delivery services have made the process of cooking and eating much easier and comfortable.

Do you pay for HelloFresh weekly or monthly?

You pay for HelloFresh on a weekly basis. For every box of meal-kits, you will be charged five days before your scheduled delivery date. The type of meal kits that you want need to be selected prior to this. If you want to cancel or skip your box for that particular week, you will need to do so at least five days before your next delivery date.

Features of HelloFresh

HelloFresh has a large number of features that make it such a popular meal-kit delivery service in the world today. Some of the best features that are present in HelloFresh have been summarized in the points as follows.

HelloFresh has many categories

HelloFresh has many categories of meal-kits that the customer can choose from. There are boxes that are meant specifically for singles and even those that are meant for families. The latter also includes kid-friendly meal kits specifically designed for picky eaters. In addition to these, the subscriber can choose from Meat and Veggies options and even Veggies only options.

The nutritional facts are pretty transparent

The nutritional facts of the meal kit are mentioned very overtly and very transparently in the meal kit box. This includes the amount of calories. However, the calories are shown as kilojoules which require a little bit of calculation for those who keep their weight in check through the number of calories in a meal.

It has a calorie smart option

HelloFresh does not have meal-kits for special diets such as keto diets or paleo diets. However, there is a calorie smart option in this service through which a person can easily keep their waistline in check by limiting their intake of food. All the meals in the calorie smart option are guaranteed to be 650 calories or under and thus can be fantastic for weight watchers.

It has Easy Eats options

There is also an Easy Eats category in HelloFresh, specifically designed for speed and convenience. And no, these are nothing like your typical TV dinners. The items in the Easy Eats options fall in several types, such as Low Prep, Oven Fresh, One pot or pan and even 10-20 minute prep time meals.

The ingredients are very fresh

The ingredients that are included in the HelloFresh meal kits are certainly very fresh and thus the person does not need to worry about their quality and even the flavor. The produce is gathered from local farms and vendors who are known to not use artificial fertilizers and other harmful substances. The meat comes from grass-fed and healthy animals.

The recipes are tried and tested

Even those who are known to burn toast often can easily become gourmet chefs with HelloFresh. The recipes are printed on flashy and attractive cards with very short and simple statements. These can turn any amateur cook into a professional home chef in no time at all. The recipes are also tried and tested multiple times to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the customer’s kitchen.

The packaging is very sturdy

The packaging that the meal kit comes in is very sturdy and dependable. Many users also reuse the packaging for their personal needs, long after the meal has been consumed. The packaging is such that the meal kit can be left outside in room temperature for up to two days without any refrigeration.

Alternatives to HelloFresh

HelloFresh has a number of alternatives that mimic its features. Some of the best competitors to HelloFresh in the meal-kit delivery industry have been discussed as follows.



Sunbasket is known for its extravagant categories of meal kits. When compared to other meal-kit delivery services, Sunbasket has numerous categories that cater to special diets and even nutritional requirements. And thus, those who are on a keto diet or a paleo diet can easily find what they are looking for in this service.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is another well-known meal-kit delivery service. The best thing about this meal-kit delivery service is that it not only aims to bring healthy food to the dining table, but also helps people become great chefs. The recipe cards and the instructions all give emphasis to the cooking skills of the person and therefore can be a superb option for those who want to cook better.


Gobble is a meal-kit delivery service that has become quite popular among the fast and the voracious. Gobble guarantees that all the cooking of its meal kits can be done within 15 minutes and thus can be a superb option for the greatest hustlers of our time.

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This post has explained if you pay for HelloFresh weekly or monthly. We have also listed the various features that you can expect to find in HelloFresh. Finally, we have checked out a few alternatives to HelloFresh that exist in the market today.

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