Do you have to use almond milk in chia pudding?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “do you have to use almond milk in chia pudding?” and the benefits of chia seeds.

Do you have to use almond milk in chia pudding?

It is not necessary to use almond milk in your chia pudding bowl. Choose milk that you like drinking. This means that if almond milk makes you feel bad, it is useless.

How long should chia seeds be soaked before using them?

 Soaking chia seeds is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. Chia seeds may be soaked in several liquids, including water, milk, and yogurt, to get a creamy texture. Keep in mind that what you soak the chia seeds in will also depend on how you want to utilize them, so keep that in mind before you start.

Soaked Chia Seeds in a Glass of Water

Chia gel is formed when chia seeds are steeped in water for a while. 

When you use chia gel, you’re making use of the seed’s natural ability to absorb water while still getting all of the benefits from chia seeds while also delaying the conversion of carbohydrates to sugars, helping in the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels.

1:3 water-to-seeds ratio for chia seed preparation

The manner through which you prepare your chia seeds is completely up to your personal preference, however, a 6:1 water to chia seed ratio is recommended for optimum results.

Infused with Almond Milk, Chia Seeds

For a creamier texture without using milk, soak your chia seeds in almond milk for an hour before using them in your recipe.

This vegan and gluten-free recipe also produce a pudding that only requires two ingredients!

The following is the procedure for soaking chia seeds in almond milk:

  • Combine the chia seeds and almond milk in the appropriate proportions in a resealable container.
  • Shake firmly and thoroughly to remove any air bubbles that may have accumulated.
  • Refrigerate it for at least one night.
  • In the morning, top your almond milk chia seed pudding with berries, granola, or anything else you want, and indulge in it!
  • Cook the night before to have a wonderful, creamy, and healthy breakfast to look forward to in the morning. Almond milk and chia seeds come together to produce a light, creamy breakfast that can be eaten on its own or topped with nuts, fruit, and honey for a more substantial meal.
  • Depending on your particular preferences and the food item with which the chia seeds are mixed, you may wish to experiment with raising or reducing the quantity of water used.

 The Health Advantages of Chia Seeds

As one of the most nutritionally dense meals available, chia seeds are considered a superfood. They are high in nutrients and beneficial to both the mind and the body.

Listed below are just a handful of the many benefits of include chia seeds in your diet to help you determine whether or not you should do so.

Contains a lot of calories and nutrients.

Chia seeds are high in nutritional value while being low in calories. 

They also provide an excellent source of zinc, vitamin B1 and potassium, as well as vitamin B3, and vitamin B2. Chia seeds contain 11 g of fiber, 4 g of protein, and 9 g of fat, providing 18 percent of the daily calcium requirement and 30 percent of the daily manganese requirement. They also provide 30 percent of the daily magnesium requirement and 27 percent of the daily phosphorus requirement, in addition to being a good source of zinc.

 Chia seeds have just 137 calories per ounce, making them a low-calorie food.


Chia seeds contain a high concentration of antioxidants, making them a healthy snack. This kind of antioxidant works by preventing the delicate fat contained in chia seeds from going rancid, and it is well acknowledged that antioxidants have several beneficial effects on the body.

The bulk of the carbohydrates

The bulk of the carbohydrates in chia seeds are in the form of dietary fiber. Their ability to absorb almost 12 times their weight in water is due to this.

  In your stomach, chia seeds gel and expand as a consequence of their high fiber content, giving a longer-lasting feeling of fullness.

Additionally, fiber provides food for good bacteria in your colon, which aids in the maintenance of healthy gut flora in your digestive system.


In terms of protein content, chia seeds are an excellent source, accounting for 14 percent of the total. Protein is an essential food, and it is even more important when it comes to weight loss.

 Because of their high protein content, chia seeds may be beneficial in suppressing hunger and possibly preventing overeating.

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In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “do you have to use almond milk in chia pudding?” and the benefits of chia seeds.


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