Do you have to refrigerate the wine?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Do you have to refrigerate the wine?”.We will discuss the method of storing it. Moreover, we will also discuss the tips for storing it in the fridge and the shelf life of wine.

Do you have to refrigerate the wine?

Yes, you have to keep the wine in the fridge. If you properly store the wine, its flavor and aroma will not change. Keep wine in the fridge before you serve it. 

Because you should chill the wine at an ideal temperature, it takes some hours to chill it. Red wine needs one hour for chilling.

If you keep red wine in the fridge for one hour, then it can be too cold for some people. So, transfer it to room temperature for some minutes from the freezer before you serve it.

What is the method of storing wine?

You can use the following methods to store wine:

An unopened bottle of wine

  • Placing an unopened wine in the fridge for a long time is not a good idea.
  • You should have a wine cooler or a special wine fridge for storing wine. In the wine fridge, you can set the temperature according to the type of wine.
  • Don’t keep it near the light and heat.
  • You can’t keep it well at the place where the temperature is changing. 

Suitable storage

Wine cellar

If you have a large amount of wine, then store it in the wine cellar.  The wine cellar takes up a lot of space.

Wine cooler

If you have less wine, then keeping it in the wine refrigerator and wine cooler is the best idea.

External wine storage

  • If you have an extra large amount of wine, then you can use the option of external wine storage.
  • Wine storage companies provide storage for your wine. So, it becomes easy to store large amounts of wine. 

Placing the bottle of wine on its side

  • The moisture can be retained by keeping the bottle of wine on its side.
  • The chances of the cork drying out are more in the standing condition.
  • You can place the bottles of wine in the horizontal position on the rack. 

An opened bottle of wine

  • If you have opened the wine, then it will be better to keep it in the fridge.
  • The oxidation process will be slow due to the cold temperature of the fridge.

Properly close the bottle

  • Re-corking the wine bottle after every pour is a good idea for keeping wine fresh for a long time.
  • Wine stopper or a plastic wrap[ can also be used for re-corking the wine bottle.

Pouring the wine

  • If you have opened the bottle of wine, and now you have just left half wine, then pouring the leftover wine into a small container is the best idea.
  • In this way, the shelf life of wine can be increased.

What is the shelf life of wine?

Wine has different kinds that have different shelf life.

Red wine

Wine Shelf life Name 
Light-bodied red wine1 to 3 daysPinotage, Grenache, Barbera, Pinot Noir
Full-bodied red wine4 to 5 daysMerlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon

White wine

Wine Shelf life Name 
Light-bodied white wine3 to 5 daysSauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Pinot Grigio
Full-bodied white wine2 to 3 daysViognier, Chardonnay 

Other wines

Wine Shelf life Name 
Dessert wine2 to 3 weeks Gewurztraminer, Moscato and Sauternes,
Sparkling wine1 to 3 days Champagne, Cava and Prosecco
Rose wine5 to 7 days
Fortified wine 2 to 28 daysSherry, and Madeira

Some techniques are necessary to be followed for preserving the wine.

What are the tips for storing wine in the fridge?

To properly store wine in the fridge, make use of the following tips:

  • Don’t remove the natural cork from the unopened bottle of wine. The natural cork is best and it does not shrink. So, bacteria cannot enter the bottle. If the cork is not fitted, then bacteria can easily enter the bottle. Which is not good for you.
  • You should not keep the wine bottle close to the fridge motor. So, the vibrations of the motor can disturb the bubbles.
  • The best place for storing the wine bottle is crisper.
  • When you have opened the bottle, then close it tightly before you keep it again in the fridge. Wine stoppers can be used.
  • It is necessary to store the bottles of white wine before you use them or open them. If you open it, then the flavor and aroma of white wine can be lost by the presence of oxygen in the air.

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query,” Do you have to refrigerate the wine?”. We have discussed the method of storing it. Moreover, we have also discussed the tips for storing wine in the fridge and its shelf life.