Do you Cover Mac and Cheese When Baking

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “do you cover mac and cheese when baking?” and provide you with insights on how you can enhance your mac and cheese with some tips and tricks.

Do you cover mac and cheese when baking?

No, you do not have to cover mac and cheese when baking but you can if you want. Mac and cheese can be baked without being covered and it can result in an amazing crust.

Mac and cheese is a very basic dish and is a staple among the demographic of high school or college students living mostly alone. It is high in calories and contains a lot of dairy.

How to make mac and cheese?

One of the easiest recipes is making mac and cheese. It contains two basic ingredients, macaroni and, of course, cheese. The recipe includes boiling macaroni pasta till almost al dente. 

The key to making a good mac and cheese is to not completely cook the macaroni and keep the pasta water for later. Cook the macaroni till it is about 60 percent cooked. 

Then strain it and keep the pasta water. In a pot, pour some milk and add a lot of cheese to it. Another key component is the variety of cheese being used.

It should not be only cheddar or only mozzarella. The types of cheese should be diverse. A good mac and cheese include parmesan, gruyere, and other types of cheese according to your preference. 

The combination of all these cheeses adds depth to the cheese flavor which could take away the blandness of the dish. Because actual basic mac and cheese is known to be quite bland.

If you are someone who prefers some flavor in their dishes, then this is the perfect option for you. Another tip to making a great mac and cheese is to ‘season’ it.

Research. To season the mac and cheese, you don’t necessarily have to add a lot of different herbs and spices, because that takes away the authenticity of the traditional mac and cheese.

The herbs and spices you can add in the dish include a little bit of salt and pepper. You can add some oregano and thyme as well as some cayenne pepper to add a little spice.

Other spices you can add include chicken powder, MSG, and even some soy sauce. Once the mac and cheese is cooked, it can be put into the oven. 

Why should we not keep the mac and cheese covered while baking?

Mac and cheese does not necessarily need to be cooked in the oven. It is already cooked and then put in the oven to bake so that a crust is formed on the top. 

It then is further baked until the top is a bit golden brown. If you cover the dish, it will not get the toasted texture on the top.

Generally, when we cover something while baking it, it is because we want to cook the dish without it losing its juice, or without the top of it being burnt.

The covering on the top prevents the top from being toasted and brown, which is what we do not want. In order for the dish to be perfectly cooked, the toasted top adds a little texture.

Ways to Bake the Mac and Cheese

There are different types of ways you can bake mac and cheese. One thing you can do is just put some parmesan cheese on the top and bake it at a higher temperature.

Another thing that can be done is to use bread crumbs and parmesan on the top. This adds the crispy texture which would taste even better than a normal dish and a very golden crust on the top. 


In this brief article, we answered the question, “do you cover mac and cheese when baking?” and provided you with insights on how you can enhance your mac and cheese with some tips and tricks.


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