Do Uber Eats drivers receive tips? (+5 Tips for more tips)

This blogpost will discuss if Uber Eats drivers receive tips. We will also explain the different ways to add a tip for your delivery driver in Uber Eats. Finally, we will describe ways through which Uber Eats drivers can earn more tips from their customers. Uber Eats not only serves millions of customers but also is a source of income to many restaurants and delivery persons.

Do Uber Eats drivers receive tips?

Yes, Uber Eats drivers receive tips. The tip given by the customer to the delivery driver is completely theirs to keep. The tips that Uber Eats drivers often get are 10% or 15% of the order subtotal, while some customers choose to do 20%. The tip can be given to the Uber Eats driver by including it in the payment or even after the delivery has been completed.

How to give a tip to your Uber Eats driver?

It is important to tip your Uber Eats driver as they don’t make much through the payments in the platform. While many perform this gig as a side-hustle to earn some extra money on the side, several delivery drivers rely on Uber Eats for their bread and butter. Tips can be given to the delivery driver in Uber Eats in various ways, such as,

While paying for the food order

The customer can add the tip for the delivery driver while making the actual payment for the food order. To do this, they will need to tap on ‘Add tip’ in the payment section and choose the amount that they want to give. They can also select a custom amount that they want to give to the delivery driver.

Once the food has been delivered

The tip can also be given after the food order has been dropped off to the customer. Once the food order has been delivered, the customer will receive a prompt from Uber Eats to give a rating for the delivery driver’s services. Here, they can give the rating and can also give a tip through the options given.

Through the order history

The customer can also give a tip through the order history. This can be great if the customer has forgotten to leave a tip at the time of delivery and wants to do so at a much later date. The customer can go through the order history and find the order that they want to add the tip to and tap on it, where they will find the necessary options.

How to earn more tips?

Since tips can form a major chunk of the Uber Eats delivery driver’s earnings, they need to be smart enough to make sure that the customer is encouraged to leave a tip. Some ways through which delivery drivers are assured of more tips from customers have been described in the following points:

By dressing for the job

Delivery drivers in Uber Eats do not have a designated uniform and can wear anything they want. Many delivery drivers, however, choose to wear the Uber Eats t-shirt while they are out doing their gig. Whatever the clothing may be, it needs to be clean and pressed in order to be even more presentable to the customer.

By using an insulated food bag

Delivery drivers can also use an insulated food bag to bring the food order to the customer. This food bag is not given free by Uber Eats and needs to be purchased by the delivery driver separately. However, this investment can be great for tips as the customer is always assured of fresh and hot food which is not spilled or leaked.

By taking a picture of the food package

More and more customers are opting for contactless deliveries in Uber Eats, particularly after the pandemic. However, some food packages can be stolen by someone else if the customer does not take it in time. In order to give proof of the delivery, the Uber Eats delivery driver can practice taking pictures of the food package, preferably with the food bag in the background.

By being kind and courteous

It always pays to practice great customer service for Uber Eats customers. By being extra kind and courteous to the customer, the Uber Eats driver will be assured of more earnings through tips. Great customer service can be practiced by texting the customer of the progress of the food order and even by calling them ahead of time in case of any delays.

By checking the items at the restaurant

Another important thing that Uber Eats delivery drivers need to do is to check the items in the food package when they are leaving the restaurant. The most common complaint by customers in Uber Eat is that certain items are missing from their package. The delivery driver can also ensure the presence of napkins, ketchup packets and cutlery, to make it more comfortable for the user.


This blogpost has discussed if Uber Eats drivers receive tips. We have also explained the different ways to add a tip for your delivery driver in Uber Eats. Finally, we have described ways through which Uber Eats drivers can earn more tips from their customers.

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