Do Uber Eats drivers get bonuses? (+7 Tips for drivers)

In this article, we will discuss if Uber Eats drivers get bonuses. We will also mention a few tips that Uber Eats drivers can use in order to make more money in this gig. Finally, we will explain how Uber Eats drivers can send an invite code to others in this app. Uber Eats is not only great for customers but also for those who want to earn a quick buck with very less commitment.

Do Uber Eats drivers get bonuses?

Yes, Uber Eats drivers get bonuses while delivering for the app. These bonuses are given to the Uber Eats drivers on different criteria. The main way of getting bonuses from Uber Eats for drivers is by completing Quests, which are a certain number of deliveries in a set amount of time. The drivers can also get bonuses by referring other drivers to Uber Eats.

How can Uber Eats drivers make more money?

Uber Eats drivers can make more money in this app through a variety of means. The most common and popular ways through which Uber Eats drivers can gain more money while on this gig have been explained as follows.

By hanging out near hotspots

Uber Eats drivers make money by completing delivery requests. This practically means more delivery requests is equivalent to more money. The best way to get more delivery requests in Uber Eats is to hangout near a hotspot. A hotspot in Uber Eats drivers terms is an area which has a large percentage of restaurants and eateries.

By looking out for Boost Earnings

Boost Earnings are also given out in Uber Eats during Boost Promotions. The Boost Promotions come around at times of certain events like rock shows or baseball games when the demand for food delivery will be pretty high. The pay rate during these times can be multiplied by up to three times which can be a solid gold-mine for Uber Eats drives.

By using a food bag

Uber Eats does not provide the drivers with a food bag. The drivers need to purchase this on their own. However, the presence and usage of a food bag can bring massive amounts of advantages to the drivers as they preserve the quality of the dish very well. In turn, this can reflect positively on the tips that are given by the customer.

By delivering during peak hours

Uber Eats also multiplies the pay rate on a daily basis during peak hours. The peak hours are often lunch hours and evenings on weekends. Uber Eats drivers can earn a lot more by delivering during peak hours than by delivering during normal hours, not only because of the multiplied pay rate but also due to the higher number of delivery requests.

By delivering for other apps

Uber Eats drivers can further earn a lot more money by delivering for other apps such as DoorDash and Grubhub. Delivery drivers who sign-up for multiple delivery apps not only get more delivery requests but also more bonuses and incentives. Some drivers tend to juggle between food delivery apps and grocery delivery apps to reap in more income.

By dressing the part

Uber Eats drivers need to make a good impression on their customers and they have very less time to do so. Since a lot of their earnings are through the tips given by the customer, the Uber Eats drivers need to make the best of their meetings with the customer. To ensure better tips from the customer, the Uber Eats driver needs to wear clean and pressed clothes at all times.

By practicing great customer service

Customer service is another factor that is important for Uber Eats drivers. The customer service from the part of the Uber Eats driver is done by being kind and courteous to the customer. The Uber Eats driver also needs to alert the customer well ahead of time in case they are running into any delays along the way.


How to send an Uber Eats invite code to other drivers?

In addition to the ways mentioned above, Uber Eats drivers can earn money by referring others to the platform. Uber Eats is always looking for new drivers as the demand for food delivery is only increasing day by day. The steps involved in sending an invite code to other drivers in Uber Eats have been described below.

  • You will need to go your Uber Eats Driver app and go to the menu
  • You can then tap on the ‘Earnings’ option and then go the ‘Invite and earn’ part of the section
  • Uber Eats will immediately show you the various contacts that are stored in your device. You can then choose the contact to which you want to send the referral code to by tapping on them
  • You can then tap on ‘Send invites’
  • Once you have sent the invite to your contact, you will be able to track their progress in the Driver app. If they have completed a certain number of trips, Uber Eats will give you a reward which will be deposited directly into your bank account


In this article, we have discussed if Uber Eats drivers get bonuses. We have also mentioned a few tips that Uber Eats drivers can use in order to make more money in this gig. Finally, we have also explained how Uber Eats drivers can send an invite code to others in this app.

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