Do tea leaves go bad?

In this brief guide, we will answer the following query, “Do tea leaves go bad?” We will discuss the proper ways to store tea leaves. We will also get to know the factors that are responsible for the spoilage of tea leaves. We will also discuss the signs of spoilage of tea leaves.

Do tea leaves go bad?

Yes, tea leaves can go bad if they are not stored properly in a suitable environment. Many types of tea leaves are consumed. The type of tea leaves depends upon the process of manufacturing them.

Tea leaves can go bad if they are stored in humid places or they are in direct contact with the sunlight.

How are tea leaves processed and what are their types?

Tea leaves are obtained from a plant named  Camellia sinensis. This plant is native to regions like China and India, Kenya, Srilanka, and other Asian countries. 

China is the biggest exporter of tea, exporting 40% of the tea consumed in the world. Some of the finest types of teas come from China.

Tea has many types but we will discuss its 6 types here which are most common.

Dark tea

This is processed tea that is heated to stop the oxidation process then it is fermented and it is aged for many years to get the desired flavour and smell. Dark tea is not similar to black tea. They both are different from each other.

Oolong tea 

It is a semi-oxidized type of tea. This type of tea is dried under strong sunlight and then it is oxidised. Different types of oolong tea are produced depending upon the degree of oxidation. This tea is popularly consumed in china.

Yellow tea

Yellow tea is the most expensive type of tea and it takes a lot of time to make yellow tea. Its manufacturing process is the same as green tea but it contains an additional step: this step includes the wrapping of the tea leaves and which allows the enzymatic oxidation of leaves which turns them yellow. 

After this steam is applied to the leaves and this process stops the enzymatic oxidation leading to the final product.

Green tea

Green tea is most famous and consumed in many regions of the world. Green tea is made by slightly drying the fresh tea leaves and then they are roasted to prevent the oxidation process. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, and polyphenols. There are several health benefits of green tea.

Black tea

This is the most consumed type of tea in the world. Black tea is made by oxidising the fresh tea leaves into black grains. Black tea has a stronger flavour than green tea.

White tea 

This type of tea is not processed; it is only dried in an indoor environment after plucking. It is mainly made by drying the buds and very young tea leaves. This type of tea has the maximum number of antioxidants in it.

What are the tips to store tea leaves?

Tea leaves that are consumed are in dried form. It is quite easy to store a dry product. Storing tea leaves requires the following precautions.

  • Always store your tea leaves in air-tight containers or jars. Teas can easily lose their flavour once they are in contact with oxygen.
  • Tea leaves should be stored away from the sunlight.
  • You do not need to store tea in the refrigerator; the cold and moisture will ruin its flavour.
  • Do not let your tea come in contact with water, the moisture will ruin its flavour and it will also promote mould growth in your tea leaves.
  • You can store your tea at room temperature; it will not go bad unless it’s not tightly packed.

What are the factors responsible for the spoilage of tea leaves?

Following are the factors that are responsible for the spoilage of tea leaves:

  • Direct sunlight can ruin the taste and texture of your tea leaves.
  • If tea leaves are kept open the oxygen in the air will make your tea leaves stale.
  • If your tea is not properly packed and it gets contaminated, mould can easily grow in your tea leaves and will ruin your tea leaves. The main reason for mould growth is moisture.

What are the spoilage signs of tea leaves?

Some of the common signs of spoilage for tea leaves are mentioned as under:

  • Mould growth
  • Change in smell
  • Change in flavour
  • Change in colour
  • Change in texture
  • Bug infestation 

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In this brief guide, we answered the following query, “Do tea leaves go bad?” We discussed the proper ways to store tea leaves. We also got to know the factors that are responsible for the spoilage of tea leaves. We also discussed the signs of spoilage of tea leaves.

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