Do sodas expire

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “do sodas expire?” We will also discuss what is the shelf life of this beverage and how you need to store it.

Do sodas expire?

Yes, sodas do expire. Whenever you buy any kind of soda, you will easily spot a best-by date, and although it does not mean that when the day arrives, soda will instantly go bad, and the quality will start to decay.

Unopened sodas can last for up to 6 to 9 months after the labeled date. When you have opened the beverage, it will only remain fresh for about 2 to 4 days. 

However, I am sure you would not even want to drink a soda that has been opened for several hours as gas does not last for a long time. 

How are sodas made?

Sodas, or soft drinks, have been part of our diet since the 20th century when they were first developed. 

They are characterized by a sweet, fizzy, and refreshing taste. As a curious fact, they were created to lessen the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

But what are sodas made of? The ingredients used to make soft drinks are 

  • Water.
  • Syrup. It is made of different kinds of sugars.
  • Carbon dioxide. It is responsible for its carbonated nature. 

Also, it has been mentioned that a mixture of fruit extracts is also added, but its composition remains unknown. 

Sodas are made on a large scale, as they are highly consumed all over the world. What makes them addictive, is their high sugar content that in combination with a carbonated sensation causes their characteristic flavor.

How long do sodas last?

When unopened, sodas can be stored at room temperature, or in the fridge, and they can last for up to 6 to 9 months. When they have been opened, the clock starts running, and in less than 2 days they can go bad.

It does not matter the brand of the soda, they all exhibit the same shelf life.

Soda shelf-life past expiration date
TypeStored in the pantryStored in the fridge
Unopened soda6 to 9 months6 to 9 months 
Opened soda1 to 3 days1 to 3 days

You can easily tell when soda is not as good as when it was recently opened. Although 2 days have been reported as the limit to keep soda’s features, after a few hours you can detect that its flavor has changed. 

What is the best way to store sodas?

Sodas can be stored both in the pantry and the freezer, when unopened. But it is better to keep them in the pantry to avoid overcrowding your fridge. When you guarantee certain conditions, sodas can be stored in the pantry without a problem.

The perfect conditions to keep your sodas are

  • Choose a place where the temperature does not change. Avoid storing them in a place where the temperature fluctuates.
  • Sodas in plastic bottles need to be stored in a dark place. Sunlight can mess up the chemical composition of sodas.
  • It is recommended to place sodas in the fridge before serving them. With only 1 to 2 hours refrigerated, you can boost your soda experience.

What signs indicate sodas have spoiled?

Your senses are the only tools you need to determine whether soda is still good. The factors you need to check before drinking any stored soda are

  • Lack of the fizzing sound. We all know and love the crispy sound that is created after opening a soda, however, when sodas have expired, you will not hear that sound.  
  • Flat taste. When sodas have expired, carbonation will not work as usual. This means that the crispy taste that characterizes these beverages will be lost when soda has been stored for too long.
  • Color change. You can easily tell when soda has lost its properties when its color changes.  
  • Damaged packaging. If the bottle or can exhibit any alterations, soda’s features can be altered. So, avoid drinking soda from packages with rusting, leaking, or denting signs. 

Can you get sick from drinking expired soda?

According to the site Tasting Table, drinking soda after its expiration date is not prejudicial to human health. However, you might not enjoy that experience!

As discussed above, when soda expires all of its characteristic features will be affected, which means that it will not hurt you to drink it, but you can end up with an unappetizing texture and flavor. 

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Can you freeze soda?

No, avoid storing soda in the freezer for more than 2 hours as the package can explode. Remember that soda is mainly made of water, which expands when frozen. Now, if you add carbon dioxide, the expansion is more dramatic.

So, only use the freezer to cool your soda, not to store it!

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “do sodas expire?” We have also discussed other queries related to the subject at hand. 

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