Do roaches like coffee grounds?

In this short guide, we are going to answer the question “Do roaches like coffee grounds?”. In addition, we are going to talk about the reasons that roaches like coffee grounds and other foods that attract them.

Do roaches like coffee grounds?

Yes, the smell of coffee attracts cockroaches a lot. The coffee grounds that we throw away make a great meal for them. Keep the trash well closed and out of the house and avoid leaving dirty cups and cups of coffee in the kitchen.

Cockroaches are crawling insects capable of ingesting any type of food. They spread bacteria, fungi, viruses, helminths and pathogenic protozoa that cause us, humans, various types of diseases and infections. 

Among the huge amount of food available to them in the urban environment, some of them are… shall we say… the favorites. See which smells attract cockroaches into your home the most.

What smells attract roaches the most?

Although they feed on practically everything, there are some foods that cockroaches like and are attracted to.

The smell of meat is highly attractive to cockroaches. They love meat, and even small pieces, often imperceptible to us, can be a real feast for this pest. Keep the kitchen clean by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Cockroaches love beer, a lot more than you might think. Never leave beer bottles or cans indoors unwashed. Even empty, the smell of the drink will attract small insects into your home.

Meat, coffee grounds and beer are the main smells that attract cockroaches into your home. Keep cleaning up to date, try to wipe the kitchen with a damp cloth as even the smallest crumbs can be a big dinner for an insect like a cockroach. In case of an infestation, call an exterminator and get rid of this pest.

It is also worth mentioning that even remnants of human skin are food for cockroaches, so it is important to keep the house away from cuticle remnants and even nails. They can feed on the corpses of other insects such as mice, beetles and even other cockroaches.

An “innocent” cockroach running across the floor can leave anyone in the room in a real state of hysteria. This is because cockroaches are beings capable of living and reproducing in practically any type of place, including the most inhospitable, such as sewers. But the worst is not that. 

The presence of a single cockroach in an environment means it is not alone. Cockroaches are never alone.

Cockroaches spread through their small paws a multitude of fungi, bacteria and protozoa that do not mean anything to them, but that in contact with humans can cause various diseases. That’s why their presence is so feared in any environment.

How to get rid of roaches using coffee?

The first step to definitely eliminate cockroaches is to know the habits of this type of insect well. Thus, it is easier to know what to do so that they do not proliferate in the environment.

If you are not comfortable applying insecticides and other chemicals in your home environment. Check out this homemade tip below.

You will need a pet bottle, big pot, Scissors, Water and Coffee powder.  If cockroaches have spread around the environment, it is possible to catch the adult insects with the help of traps that you can set up using items you probably already have at home.

See below the step by step of a trap against all types of cockroaches:

Cut the bottle

Using scissors, cut the top of the PET (plastic) bottle, leaving it with a height of at least 5 fingers from the neck;

Prepare the coffee

Collect the coffee grounds prepared at home, or strain 6 tablespoons of coffee and separate the grounds resulting from this process;

Prepare the bottle

Place the collected coffee grounds still wet inside the top of the pet bottle you cut;

Set the trap

Fill the large pot with 3 fingers of water and place the bottle with the coffee grounds inside the pot, supporting the neck of the bottle on the bottom with water, and leaving it inclined, supported on the inside side of the pot;

Place the trap

Once the trap is set, place the pot near the drains in the house, or near the places where you have noticed the presence of cockroaches.

Cockroaches will be attracted by the strong smell of damp coffee grounds and will enter the pot looking for a food source. However, once they enter the pot, the cockroaches will be trapped as they cannot get out of the water. Tip: dispose of trapped cockroaches carefully and wearing gloves to avoid contamination, and re-trap whenever necessary.


In this short guide, we went to answer the question “Do roaches like coffee grounds?”. In addition, we went to talk about the reasons that roaches like coffee grounds and other foods that attract them.