Do oranges go bad

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “do oranges go bad?” We will also discuss what is the shelf life of oranges and how you need to store them.

Do oranges go bad?

Yes, oranges go bad. It is still impossible to guarantee an infinite shelf life, so as time goes by, all perishable goods will eventually go bad. However, proper storage will help you enlarge the shelf life of any food.

Keep reading to find out what signs you need to consider to guarantee the best quality of your bought oranges.

What type of oranges do you need to pick?

Oranges are one of the most popular fruits there are and this is not surprising as orange juice is a very popular beverage. Also, in most places of the globe, oranges are one of the easiest-to-get fruits.

Before you buy all the oranges from the market, you need to submit them to a rigorous sensory test to determine what units can exhibit the best features. The signs you need to check for are

  • First, you need to gently feel the oranges to check their size and weight.
  • Also, make sure you choose oranges with firm skin and avoid the ones with a mushy texture.
  • If you detect a texture spongy-like, it is better to leave them, they will not last longer or taste good.
  • Avoid the oranges with a hard-rock texture, this indicates they have dried out and have no juice in them.
  • Do not discard oranges with green coloration, this is not an indicator of spoilage, and can taste just as delicious as “normal” oranges.

How long can oranges last?

The shelf life of oranges will be affected by the place you choose to store them. You can choose from three different options

  • Stored in the pantry.
  • In the fridge.
  • In the freezer.

They all affect the shelf life of oranges as will be described in the next chart.

Shelf life of oranges
TypeStored on the countertopStored in the refrigeratorStored in the freezer
Whole oranges7 daysOne monthA whole year
Cut oranges3 to 5 days1 to 2 months

Keep in mind that these periods are only estimates and that it will depend on the effort you put in the storage process and the shelf life you end up getting.

However, oranges can be used in so many different ways, in beverages, desserts, or baked goods. What is your favorite way to consume this fruit? If you struggle with this, I will let you my favorite recipes with oranges

Let us know if you prepare any of these recipes.

What signs indicate when oranges have gone bad?

Your senses will help you determine if oranges are still good for human consumption. The signs that will let you know when oranges should not be eaten anymore can be

  • Bruising on the peel. When you notice bruises on the orange’s skin, they have likely started to spoil.
  • Off smell. You can easily know when oranges have passed their peak quality when their smell starts to take a putrid hint.
  • Shriveled peel. When you spot a wrinkly-looking orange it means that the fruit might have started to spoil.
  • Mushy texture. If you feel a mushy texture instead of a firm one, then it is time to throw your oranges away as they will not taste good anymore!
  • Mold growth. Any food infested by mold should not be eaten or smelled. Doing any of those actions can lead to severe damage to your health.

How do oranges need to be stored?

Oranges can be stored in their whole form or they can also be cut into tiny fractions, for each case you need to follow several steps.

To store whole oranges, you can choose the fridge or the freezer, depending on how quickly you want to consume the fruit. There is no need to wash the oranges before storing them, this can lead to exposure to humidity that can help mold grow.

It is recommended to store oranges in an airtight container, this will also help enlarge their shelf life. Make sure you consume them within a month if you decide to store them in the fridge.

To store portioned oranges, you need to know that they will spoil quicker than whole fruit. All you need to do is to place all fractions in plastic wrap. After that, they need to be stored in an airtight container. Consume them in the following 4 days!

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Can you freeze oranges?

Yes, oranges can also be frozen. You can freeze them whole or into pieces. But do not forget that after thawing, fruits can lose their characteristic texture. So, it is up to you if you use the freezer to store them or not.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “do oranges go bad?” We have also discussed other queries related to the subject at hand. 

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