Do I get charged when I skip a week on HelloFresh? (+7 HelloFresh features)

This blogpost will explain if you get charged when you skip a week on HelloFresh. We will also be looking at the important features that are present in HelloFresh. We will also mention a few healthy tips for those who are using HelloFresh as a meal-kit delivery service. Meal-kits can not only be convenient but also extremely nutritious.

Do I get charged when I skip a week on HelloFresh?

No, you do not get charged if you skip a week on HelloFresh. In this meal-kit delivery service, you can skip up to six weeks without being charged. However, the subscriber needs to cancel the order at least five days before the next scheduled delivery date. Otherwise, they will be charged a cancellation fee.

Important features of HelloFresh

HelloFresh is rated as the no.1 meal-kit delivery service in the United States today. This service has a number of great features that can prove highly valuable and advantageous to subscribers. Some of the best features that are present in HelloFresh have been described in the following section.

HelloFresh has multiple categories to choose from

HelloFresh offers various categories for the subscriber to choose from. The person can choose to have meal kits in the category of Meat and Veggies, Veggies and even Pescatarian meals. There are also various sizes of meal-kits, ranging from single size to family size, which include more portions.

The packaging is very effective

The packaging that the meal-kit comes in is very simple but quite effective. The meal kit, as a whole, can be easily stored in the refrigerator for up to a month or even frozen. If the meal kit has meat as an ingredient, these are vacuum sealed and packed with ice packs in a Styrofoam cooler to help in preserving the freshness.

The ingredients are fresh

The ingredients that are chosen to be a part of the meal kit are definitely very fresh. HelloFresh uses the help of local farms and vendors to supply only the best of produce. The meat comes from injection-free and grass-fed animals and thus brings even more nutrition and flavor to the meal that is to be cooked with the meal kit.

There is an Easy Eats option for more convenience

HelloFresh also has an Easy Eats option through which the subscriber can enjoy even more convenience and comfort. There are also various options in the Easy Eats category, such as Oven Fresh, which can be popped into the oven without any prep-work, or even One-Pan meals that require only one utensil for cooking.


The recipes are pretty simple to follow

The recipes for the very meals in the meal-kits are pretty simple and quite easy to follow. The instructions are printed on recipe cards in very short and simple statements and thus any level of cook can follow them easily. These recipe cards can also be saved and used to make the same meal after the meal kit has been consumed.

There are Calorie Smart meals here

There are also Calorie Smart meals in HelloFresh that can be a dream-come true for those who want to eat healthy but tasty food at the same time. These meals are guaranteed to be around 650 calories each and thus can be great for those who fear lack of control when it comes to delicious food.

It has a very resourceful blog

HelloFresh also has a very resourceful blog that can be quite useful for anyone who is cooking with the meal kits from this service. This blog not only gives various tips in making the best use of the meal-kit service, but also has many other hacks that can be used in the betterment of health and nutrition.

Healthy tips for HelloFresh

HelloFresh is healthy as it comes. However, there are always more ways through which the meal kit can be made a lot more nutritious. Some healthy tips that can be used in HelloFresh have been explored in the following section.

  • By adding more greens to the meal. This can not only increase the nutrition aspect of the meal kit, but also help in keeping you full for longer.
  • By cutting down on the meat. Rather than skimping on the delicious meat altogether, you can try maintaining a ¼th rule. This 1/4th rule means that your meat should not cross 25% of the area in your plate. The rest of the plate should be filled with greens or even plant based proteins.
  • Another healthy thing to follow is to reduce the unwanted sides, dips and even sodas that often go with our meals. These can add unnecessary calories in the form of saturated fats, sugars and other processed foods.
  • While the meal-kits in HelloFresh are certainly well-portioned, you can most definitely do some more portion control of the meal. The meal kit can be cooked fully and half of it can be stored in the refrigerator for later consumption. This will also help you feel less bloated and lethargic after the meal.

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This blogpost has explained if you get charged when you skip a week on HelloFresh. We have also looked at the important features that are present in HelloFresh. We have also mentioned a few healthy tips for those who are using HelloFresh as a meal-kit delivery service.

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