Do cherries need to be refrigerated

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “do cherries need to be refrigerated?” We will also discuss how you can store your cherries to last longer, the best way to use them, and the best method to freeze them.

Do cherries need to be refrigerated?

Yes, cherries need to be refrigerated. Storing your cherries in the fridge is helpful to keep them fresh. When left out at room temperature, they can easily lose some of their best qualities and can spoil quickly.

So, it is recommended to store in the fridge your cherries as soon as possible. Of course, you do need to place them inside a plastic bag, you can’t wait to wash them just before eating, and use cold water to do so.

How long can cherries last?

Several factors can modify the shelf life of cherries, like the way they were picked and stored. And it is not surprising that people want to keep them for a longer period with their fresh sweet taste and ease of preparation.

Cherries can be found in several varieties that will exhibit different features. A general rule is that you need to choose cherries with a firm texture, and that have a shiny coat. Depending on the method chosen to store cherries, their shelf life can be modified.

Shelf life of cherries
TypeKept on the counterKept in the refrigeratorKept in the freezer

Fresh whole cherries

2 to 3 days

5 to 10 days

6 to 8 months

As you can tell, frozen cherries exhibit the largest shelf life, and can be even eaten as a whole with some lemon juice, salt, and spicy powder, such a yummy snack!

As an additional recommendation, cherries should be washed until they are ready to be used, not before. Also, try to consume cherries the same day you bought them if you intend to leave them at room temperature.

What signs can indicate spoilage of cherries?

To spot rotten cherries, there are several signs that we need to check before consuming them. If you consume bad cherries, you might end up with food poisoning symptoms, which can cause some discomfort and unwanted symptoms.

Your senses will be your best ally to determine whether cherries have spoiled, some easy-to-detect signs are

  • Mushy texture. Cherries normally exhibit a firm texture, if you note they are mushy, it might indicate spoilage.
  • Bruising. When cherries have been submitted to improper handling, they might become damaged.
  • Mold growth. When you spot green or blue mold growing on the surface of your cherries, it is time to throw them away because they are no longer safe to consume.
  • Off smell. Whenever any food is rotten, the first indicator will be a pungent, rotten smell that can be easily spotted.

So, make sure every time you want to eat cherries you check for these signs to avoid any risk of developing a foodborne illness. If you want to read more about this subject, please click here.

What is the best way to store your cherries?

Cherries need to be kept in constant refrigeration, as this is the only way you can stop bacteria or mold growth from happening quickly. Also, keep in mind that sooner or later, they will go bad, which is the natural course of life.

However, proper storage can help you enlarge the life of your cherries for a little bit longer. To preserve cherries for longer, you need to

  • It all starts at the moment you buy cherries, try to buy the ones with the shiner outer layer. Also, check for the color and avoid buying bruised cherries, they will have a short shelf life.
  • Look for cherries with a mahogany coloration, when buying Bing and Tulare varieties. In case of looking for a Rainier variety, buy those with bright yellow and pink hints.
  • Buy the bigger and boldest cherries, it is believed that they will exhibit the best flavor, and texture, and will last for a longer period.

To store cherries, the best option is the refrigerator. Keeping your cherries on the counter is not a good idea. And freezing is only recommended when you need to store big amounts of this fruit. 

Can you leave cherries on the counter?

No, cherries can not be left on the counter. The only acceptable reason for keeping cherries at room temperature is because they will get consumed the same day. 

So, once again, make sure you store them in the fridge as soon as you get home, this way you will avoid quick spoilage.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “do cherries need to be refrigerated?” We have also discussed other queries related to the subject at hand. 

Hope you found this blog useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.


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