Do carrots go bad

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “do carrots go bad?” We will also discuss what is the shelf life of carrots and how you can preserve them better.

Do carrots go bad?

Yes, carrots do go bad. After they have been sitting for too long in the fridge, they can become soft and floppy, contrary to their original firm texture. However, they still can be used, if you detect a slimy texture they should be discarded immediately.

Carrots are a staple in everyone’s kitchen thanks to their various nutritional benefits. Also, they are very versatile so you can prepare several dishes with them, make juice, or an outstanding carrot cake. How do you like your carrots?

How long do carrots last?

Carrots are a root vegetable that will eventually go bad, like any other perishable food. You can get carrots in their baby size as well, and their shelf life is different from the whole type. To further describe the shelf life of carrots, make sure you check the chart below

Shelf life of carrots
TypeStored in the pantryStored in the fridge
Whole fresh carrots3 to 5 days2 to 4 weeks
Shredded carrots3 to 4 days
Cooked carrots1 to 2 weeks
Leftover carrots3 to 4 days
Baby carrots1 to 2 weeks

Note that these periods are estimates, which means that they are not definitive. What causes them to change? Several factors can change the shelf life of carrots, storing is one of the most important ones.

When you have removed the peel or portioned carrots, they will be more exposed to agents responsible for causing spoilage, so they could not be kept at room temperature or they will spoil within a couple of hours.

Guaranteeing good storage will enlarge significantly the shelf life of your carrots, make sure you keep reading to find out how it is done.

How to tell when carrots have gone bad?

Even when you keep all of the conditions needed to preserve carrots for longer, they will eventually go bad. 

Some signs will help you determine when this time has arrived. Make sure you check for them to avoid any foodborne illness.

Besides, you will only need your senses to do so. The signs that indicate when carrots have gone bad area

  • White dots on the surface. When carrots have gone bad, they lose moisture, which causes the appearance of these spots.
  • Shriveled texture. Losing moisture makes carrots become wrinkly, however, they are still edible.
  • Slimy or mushy texture. When carrots become mushy it means that they are no longer appropriate for your consumption, you can get severe symptoms when doing so.
  • Off smell. If carrots have spoiled it is due to bacteria growth, so if you detect a funky odor, it is better to throw them away.
  • Mold. The ultimate sign of spoilage is mold growing on the surface of the ingredient. Do not eat carrots with mold, this can lead to dangerous health problems.

What happens if you eat spoiled carrots?

As carrots are a fresh ingredient, it is hard to determine an exact expiration date, and they also are more prone to diverse agents responsible for spoilage, like viruses, bacteria, and molds.

Whenever you eat spoiled food, there is the risk of getting a foodborne illness, which can cause different unwanted symptoms, such as

  • Diarrhea.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Cramping.

If you want to get further guidance on this subject, you can click here.

How to store carrots?

Proper storage will cause your carrots to keep their freshness for longer, and it is not that hard to achieve. Make sure you follow these recommendations to preserve carrots for a longer period.

  • Keep carrots in the fridge. Carrots are fresh ingredients, and the general rule says that they need to be refrigerated as soon as possible. Feel free to remove the skin, even though it contains various nutrients. 
  • Do not wash carrots before storing them. If you wash carrots before storing them, they will go bad quicker.
  • If you want to keep them in the pantry, store them in a cool and dry place. It is also important to guarantee a space where they can breathe, but keep in mind they only last a few days this way. 
  • For storing them in the fridge. You can use a bag that allows air to enter, or you can be innovative and wrap them with humid paper towels. Submerging them in water can also enlarge their shelf life.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “do carrots go bad?” We have also discussed other queries related to the subject at hand. 

Hope you found this blog useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.


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