Do breadcrumbs go bad?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question, “do breadcrumbs go bad?”, how to store them, how to tell that it is bad, and other queries related to this topic.

Do breadcrumbs go bad? 

Yes, bread crumbs do go bad. On the food label, it is usually mentioned “best before” or “best by date”, after this period the product will start to lose its quality. However, it can still be used after a few weeks from the best before date if you store them properly. In case you notice any foreign object like mold in the product do not consume it.

Furthermore, homemade bread crumbs go bad earlier and quicker than store-bought breadcrumbs. Because homemade bread crumbs are moister than store-bought ones, so they are more prone to spoilage and bacterial growth. Moreover, bread crumbs last longer than regular bread.

How to store bread crumbs?

To properly store bread crumbs and preserve their freshness, you need, first, to put them in a well-sealed container in a dry and cool place in case they are homemade or store-bought bread crumbs.

Also, search for bread crumbs stored in a can instead of a bag, and once you open the product transfer the bread crumbs into another container if you are buying them from the store or the supermarket.

Moreover, if you made homemade bread crumbs, let them cool before storing them in an air-tight container. Also, bread crumbs are made from dried, toasted, and crushed bread, so they will not spoil very quickly since they are dehydrated.

Regarding where to store your crumbs, pantries are a good choice but make sure not to put the bread crumbs in pantries near the stove. The store-bought bread crumbs can stay fresh in your pantry for 6 months if it is opened or not and can last for one year if stored properly. For homemade crumbs, they last for 2 weeks in the pantry at room temperature.

The refrigeration of the bread crumbs is not necessary but at the fridge temperature bread crumbs can last longer if they are conserved in an air-tight container. Homemade bread crumbs can last for 2 months, and store-bought crumbs can last for 9 months in the fridge

Furthermore, to increase the shelf life of your bread crumbs, freeze them, so they can last for about 1 year and 6 months for store-bought and homemade bread crumbs respectively. Before putting them in the freezer, make sure that the container is well sealed and keep in mind that freezing might alter the product quality and texture.

How to thaw bread crumbs?

Thawing bread crumbs is very easy and does not take time. One of the methods is to spread the bread crumbs on a baking sheet and let them thaw overnight, over the counter, or in the refrigerator. The second method is to spread the crumbs on a baking sheet and place the pan in the oven at low temperature for 30 to 1 hour.

Moreover, if you forgot to remove the breadcrumbs from the freezer the night before do not worry about it, since bread crumbs can thaw at room temperature while you are preparing the meal. However, freezing reduces the quality of the bread crumbs because due to high moisture in the freezer some crystals will form within the product leading to a soggy and mushy texture.

How to tell if bread crumbs have gone bad?

One of the most obvious signs of bad breadcrumbs is mold development within the product. Also, usually, herbs and spices added to the bread crumbs give it an aromatic smell. 

Hence if the smell of the product changes and goes bad, discard it. Moreover, if none of the previous signs is obvious to you, taste it. Thus, if it has a sour or no taste and an altered texture, throw it.

Can I eat expired bread crumbs?

Yes, you can eat and use expired bread crumbs, but before that check for any sign of spoilage in the product or taste it, because the deteriorated product contains bacteria, toxins, and mold. 

So, consuming such products will lead to food poisoning. In his turn, food poisoning causes diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever and abdominal cramping, and pain.

However, the texture of the product might change if it was exposed to moisture but that does not mean you need to discard it except if you see rottenness signs. 

So, consuming expired bread crumbs does not have any harmful effect on health unless it is spoiled and signs of bacterial growth appear.

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In this brief guide, we discussed the following question, “do breadcrumbs go bad?”, how to store them, how to tell that it is bad, and other queries related to this topic.


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