Do beer and coffee match?

In this article, we will answer the question “do beer and coffee match?”. We will also discuss the possibility of combining beer and coffee, as well as discuss the combination of coffee and beer by breweries. In addition, we will teach you how to mix coffee with beer and discuss if the combination of coffee and beer is bad.

Do beer and coffee match?

Certainly. Coffee and beer: two world passions have made a marriage full of creativity with the advancement of craft beers. And we are not talking about beers that only resemble coffee, as in the case of the Stout style, but those that contain the drink in their composition.

Do breweries make beer with coffee?

Each drink has unique characteristics, but what’s great is that they can be combined. That’s right if you didn’t know, there are beers with added coffee in the recipe and it’s not just dark beers like Stouts, Porters or Brown Ale.

It’s been sometime now that breweries set out to test this combination, using coffee beans in their recipes. Some breweries also use the “cold toddy” method, which replaces hot water with cold water: the beans are given to low temperature water and rest between 18 and 48 hours, leaving the liquid with coffee flavors and aromas, for later on be mixed with beer.

This marriage was so successful that, in 2004, the World Beer Cup added the “Coffee Flavored Beer” style to the competition.

Dama Bier Fellas is a recipe that was created together with Brazilian breweries (Dama Bier, SudBrau and Bodebrown) and the participation of master brewers Greg Murer from Belgium and Chris Kirk and Tyler Joyce from the United States. 

The recipe uses a blend of coffees from an award-winning Morro Grande coffee line, from the Mogiana region, and the is an Imperial IPA with dominant coffee notes, combined with citrus and malty notes. Silver Medal Winner at the International Beer Challenge 2014 (England). It is currently a seasonal, European beer from time to time by Dama Bier in Brazil.

Another coffee beer is made with coffee beans and organic cocoa nibs – lightly roasted and ground cocoa beans. It is a Brown Ale and contains oatmeal. 

This recipe is a collaboration between the Brazilian brewery Cevada Pura and the Cigar City brewery, in the USA, and was inspired by the coffee and cocoa production present in the Latin origins of both breweries. It’s old-fashioned, but still today one of the most highly rated beers with coffee on Untappd.

How to mix beer with coffee?

Some of the beers have naturally coffee notes. This is due to the addition of roasted malt to other malted cereals in its composition.

Some beers, such as stouts — a high-fermented, dark-colored variety — take up to 10% roasted malt in the recipe.

However, here we are talking about the mixture between the two beverages, and not the creation of coffee notes from the chemical processes involved in brewing production.

We have already found beers that are brewed with the addition of coffee in the artisanal process, but here who mixes the beer with the coffee is yourself!

When mixing beer with coffee, prefer the top-fermented beers. Indian Pale Ale (IPA) can be a good choice for this recipe. They feature moderate bitterness and an amber hue that will make your drink flavorful and visually magnificent.

One of the acclaimed recipes for this mixture does not extract the coffee cold. The espresso is made within the normal procedure and then passes through a shaker with ice, to cool and thicken the foam.

In this process, you can add a touch of orange and vanilla zest that will make all the difference in the end.

Separate the foam and add it to the top of the beer glass, which must also be very cold, as that way the glass will be prepared to receive the coffee infusion.

Is beer with coffee bad?

Who has never resorted to “coffee” after drinking too much at a party? In order to maintain sobriety, many think that mixing coffee with alcohol is a solution to cut the effect of drinks. However, this is not entirely true, but it does not mean that drinking beer with coffee is bad either.

That’s because caffeine already has a stimulant effect that leaves us on the alert for an amount of time. The opposite occurs with beer, which, despite also functioning as a stimulant, does not leave us in this state.

Drinking coffee and beer together is a risk as it creates a false sense of security in the brain. Alcohol also releases GABA, a substance that results in drowsiness and tiredness. It’s like putting us in a state of sedation, which is a danger.

We’ve heard all our lives that driving while intoxicated is a risk not only to our lives but also to others, right? So make no mistake! Drinking beer with coffee gives us a false sense of sobriety, and hitting the road in that state remains the worst possible idea.

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In this article, we answered the question “do beer and coffee match?”. We also discussed the possibility of combining beer and coffee, in addition to discussing the combination of coffee and beer by breweries. In addition, we taught you how to mix coffee with beer and discussed if the combination of coffee and beer is bad.


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