How to dip candy in chocolate without making a mess? (5 steps)

In this brief guide, we are going to answer the question “How to dip candy in chocolate without making a mess?” with detail of every step to dip candy in chocolate.

How to dip candy in chocolate without making a mess?

It is not always an easy task to dip candy in chocolate because you can find yourself super frustrated in no time.  A lot of practice and patience are required to master this process. So if you are trying to learn to coat candies with chocolate, don’t forget that perfection takes time. This article will help you make chocolate-coated candies in no time.

To make chocolate-dipped candies, you will need certain instruments and tools first. As chocolate-coated candies are everyone’s favorite, so there is no need to be hesitant in spending money on buying these tools.

In general, you need to have a cookie scoop to make sure that your candies have the same size and the same shape, a silicone baking mat or parchment paper to freeze candies before dipping them in chocolate, a chocolate melting pot, and chocolate dipping tools.

6 easy steps to dip a candy in chocolate

If you are naive at dipping candies in chocolate but you are doing this, you may be left with lumpy candies with a cracked, streaked, or bumpy chocolate coating. So, here is a comprehensive go-to guide to help you make perfect chocolate-dipped candies in no time.

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Allow the candies to form a skin

The first thing to make sure of is that the candies are intact and in their perfect shape. Because if they are too soft, they will become misshapen or even melt into the chocolate, generating a lumpy mess. So, you should let the rolled candies sit at a cool room temperature or you can freeze them for 10-30 minutes by placing them on a silicone baking mat or parchment paper. This setting time will help the candies to form their outer skin.

Choose your chocolate to coat

It depends solely on your choice that you either use real chocolate or chocolate-flavored candy coating. But you should be familiar with the fact that real chocolate has a better taste while it takes time in tempering chocolate but it is inexpensive. So, the choice of chocolate is important. Once chosen, you can move forward accordingly: 

Melt the chocolate coating

If real chocolate is in bar form, chop it first. And if the chocolate is in wafer form, don’t worry, you can still chop it. Chopping chocolate is important to make sure that it will melt evenly. All you need to do is just add the chopped chocolate to an oven-safe bowl and microwave it in 30 seconds intervals while stirring at each interval until all the chocolate melts and there are no chunks left.

Temper the chocolate

Tempering the chocolate is important if you want to provide a professional look to the candies. It is not a difficult process but it is time taking and requires a chocolate thermometer.

Prepare your workstation

To perform the task perfectly and to avoid any frustration while performing the task, it is important to prepare your workstation before you start to work. Place the bowl of melted chocolate on the cleaned workstation, set the dipping tools, and cover the baking sheet with parchment paper for placing the finished candies on.

Dip the candy in chocolate

To dip the candy in chocolate, lift the candy with the help of a dipping tool or fork. Dip it in melted chocolate and cover its entire surface with the chocolate. Lift the coated candy and remove the extra chocolate by tapping the fork on the edge of the bowl. Transfer the dipped candy carefully with the help of a fork and knife to the baking sheet.

You can add sprinkles on the top of chocolate-coated candies to enhance the flavor and to cover up any imperfection.

Allow the chocolate to set 

If the temperature of your room ranges from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you can leave the chocolate-coated candies at room temperature to set. But if your room is warm or you want to speed up the process, you can refrigerate them for about 10 minutes to set the chocolate. 

If you have used untempered chocolate to coat the candies, refrigerating the coated candies to set the chocolate is compulsory.

Trim and store the candies

Once the chocolate has been set, it’s time to store the candies. If you have aesthetic nature, make sure to trim extra chocolate from the candy. To trim extra chocolate, you can use a small sharp spring knife. 

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In this brief guide, we answered the question “How to dip candy in chocolate without making a mess?” with detail of every step to dip candy in chocolate.