Cooking Spaghetti for Large Groups – 10 Surprising Tips

In this article we’ll take a look at 10 surprising tips for cooking spaghetti for a large group. We will also take a look at reasons why these tips will make the bulk preparation easier. 

What are the 10 surprising tips for cooking spaghetti for large groups?

When it comes to cooking spaghetti, everyone wants to know the best tips to get compliments from their guests. Spaghetti is an ideal dish if you have a lot of guests over. It is a complete and heart meal that is not only tasty but fulfilling as well. 

Customizing any recipe for a large mass to prepare food in bulk is not an easy task. The entire process requires to be optimized to fit the needs and requirements of a larger group. Using the right recipe, utensils, and appropriate method of cooking is important and plays a role in preparing the food for large groups. 

Below we have summarized some of the tips and tricks that can help you nail the spaghetti dish for a large gathering. 

Always make extra 

One of the first things to do when you are making food for a large group is to make extra. Extra spaghetti for almost five six guests in addition to the confirmed guests is usually the best approach. Make sure you follow a standardized recipe that is altered in amount of ingredients to fit the number of persons at the gathering. 

Boiling noodles beforehand 

Another time saving hack while making spaghetti in bulk is to boil the spaghetti beforehand. If you are hosting a relatively large group or you don’t have a large enough pot, then boil the pasta in batches. Cook until al dante and set aside. Don’t throw away the pasta water. You can use it in the sauce to add flavor. It will also allow the pasta to fully cook in sauce. 

Use a frying pan 

To prepare the noodles in large amounts, use a frying pan instead of a pot to boil the noodles. Frying pan has a larger surface area as compared to pots, thus the water heats up quickly and noodles are cooked in a shorter time.

Prep a flavorful sauce

There is a wide variety of pasta sauces that you can make. For a large gathering trick is to make sauce that is fulfilling and teeming with flavors. Instead of meatball pasta you can use ground beef and turkey. Italian sauce or ground pork are also flavorful additions to the sauce. Blends of tomato paste and sauce can also add the savory tangy taste. 

Make is cheesy 

Another thing you can do to make pasta a bit more hearty is to add cheese. You can lay out the pasta in the dish,sprinkle it with a blend of mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar. Bake it for 5 minutes until the cheese is grilled and bubbles. 

Add-ons and side dishes 

While hosting large groups it is essential that you are making two to three main dishes along with several side dishes. Although pasta can suffice, add-ons and extra dishes bring variety to the meal. Add baked cheese or garlic bread. Tortilla chips and guacamole also go well with pasta dishes

Use the pasta water 

Another trick you can use to make spaghetti in bulk is to use the pasta water in the sauce. The starchy pasta water will add delicious savory flavor when blended with sauce and its spices. Make sure you simmer down the sauce so the starchy flavor is evenly distributed. Ideally it is better to add the pasta and then simmer down. 

Don’t oil your pasta 

Another common mistake to avoid while cooking in bulk is to avoid using oil while boiling. If you add oil in pasta while boiling the sauce will not stick to the noodles and the aesthetics of the entire dish will be ruined. Use a large pot to cook pasta and to avoid them sticking together.

Make a casserole

Another thing that you can do to amp up your spaghetti game is to turn it into a casserole. Prepare the recipe as usual then mix in the cheese. Preheat the oven and add your pasta into the baking dish. Cover with cheese and bake for a few minutes. You can also layer the spaghetti and sauce like lasagna and top it with the cheese. Use of bechamel sauce will add the extra flavor into your spaghetti. 

For a detailed recipe, click here.

Choose the right recipe 

Lastly, the choice of recipe is also crucial. Flavorful, spice and ingredient rich pasta goes a long way. You can add in the variety of meat or make two different pasta dishes with different recipes. Nonetheless, make sure the recipe you use is liked by maximum in your intended guest list. 

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In this article we looked at 10 surprising tips for cooking spaghetti for a large group. We also discussed the reasons why these tips will make the bulk preparation easier.