Cooking Burgers for a Crowd (11 tips for speed)

In this article we will take a look at 11 tips for speed while cooking burgers for the crowd. We’ll also look into the details of these and how to efficiently implement them. 

How to cook burgers for a crowd fast? (11 tips for speed) 

Here is how you can cook burgers for a crowd really fast. 

Organize a garden party 

If you are cooking for a crowd of people then, the first thing to do is to decide the venue. Open air space or a garden party work well if you have burgers as your main meals. You can involve others in the cooking process and seating arrangement will also be less stuffy. 

Prep the ingredients a day before 

First and the foremost thing that you can do is to do the maximum preparation a day before. Get all the ingredients you need, set up the utensils, crockery and cookware to prepare the meat mince and seasoning mix, get everything done apart from cooking.

Make everything squeaky clean and functional

Next thing to do is to clean everything. If you are using crockery that has been in the cupboard for a long time then take it out and wash it. In addition to that make sure, your grill or stove that you are using is operational. It saves you from last minute embarrassment and delays when your guests have already arrived.

Use a grill 

Moving your venue outdoors allows you to use grills, which is one of the most fun and efficient ways to cook burgers in no time. There can be several choices among the type of grill to use. In terms of speed and efficiency, a gas grill works the best and thoroughly cooks meat without taking much time.

Involve you guest 

Best part about garden parties is that you can involve people to get all the help you need. For instance you can divide the chores of flipping sliders or buns and timing the cooking of each side of patties. You can also make the party more interactive and casual by getting help in serving the burgers and plating them. 

Get your utensils ready 

Grilling calls for all the specific types of utensils and equipment that you will need during the cooking sessions. Make sure you have extra spatulas, oiling brush etc, in case anyone wants to join in. make sure you get all the stuff out and ready a day before the party. 

Prep and thaw the meat

Another fast cooking hack for burgers is to thaw the meat beforehand. You can take out the mine from the freezer and place it in the fridge overnight. This saves you from prolonged cook time and undercooked patty cores.  Condiments and other additives for the mince will mix well in thawed meat.

Get your seasonings ready 

Another thing that you can do for speedy cooking is to get all the seasonings ready. If your guest has a selective choice for seasoning them, bring them out next to the grill and season the patties while you grill them. Another system that can work is to season the patties while you are making them before the party. 

Follow a clocked system

Another thing crucial to making burgers fast is timing. While cooking for a crowd you can time the grilling of buns and patties so they are thoroughly cooked on each side. Make sure you give your patties enough grill time and do it before grilling buns. These organized steps ensure that you are serving your burgers hot. 

Separate grill for buns

Two grills is a charm. If you have them then, you can have a separate station for the grilling of buns. It is fast, convenient, and helps avoid cross contamination. With a separate grill you will be able to keep the utensils that touch the raw meat separate from the sliders. Moreover, your cooking time will also be reduced to half as buns and patties could be grilled side by side. 

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Always make extras

Burgers or no burgers, another hack to cook for a large gathering is to always make extras. There is a possibility that your guest list gets longer than it should be on the day. Moreover, extras will take care of the demand if people like your food a little too much or if some kid had the burger fall on ground. 


In this article we took a look at 11 tips for speed while cooking burgers for the crowd. We also look into the details of these and how to efficiently implement them. 


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