Can you use plastic wrap in the oven? (+3 reasons)

In this article, we will answer the question “Can you use plastic wrap in the oven?”, and what temperature does plastic wrap melt at?

Can you use plastic wrap in the oven?

Using plastic wrap in the oven by cooks and restaurant chefs is a common practice. They use it in a way that does not come in direct contact with the heating elements. The best way to use plastic wrap in the oven is to always go for oven-safe plastic wrap and covering It with foil afterward. 

The double layering method helps generate steam by locking the moisture inside the dish while the foil protects the plastic wrap from melting or coming in contact with the heating element.

Oven safe plastic wrap

What are plastic wraps?

Plastic wrap is a general term used to describe all kinds of plastic. The plastic wraps used for industrial processed are different from the food-grade plastic wraps. 

Food grade plastic wraps are also called saran wrap, cling film, and food wrap. You must use high-quality oven-safe plastic wraps when using it in the oven or else you will end up with plastic in your food.

What temperature does plastic wrap melt at?

The upper-temperature limit for most plastic is  220 or 250 degrees. The plastic will melt above this temperature. The melting point of the plastic is recommended by the manufacturer and depends on how the plastic was manufactured. 

Before using plastic wrap in the oven, ask the manufacturer about how much temperature can the wrap tolerate.

Can you put cardboard in the oven?

No, You can not put the cardboard in the oven as It is extremely dangerous to do so. Here are a few reasons why It is a very bad idea.

Why you should never put cardboard in the oven?

Risk of ignition

The average baking temperature for most pizzas is 425°F and the cardboard will combust at 427 degrees. This difference is way too low and if you decide to use cardboard in the oven, you are definitely living on the edge.

Moreover, older ovens have an even greater risk of catching fire because their heating elements are more exposed to the heat inside the oven. 

Relatively newer ovens will have a lower risk of combustion but this should not be the reason to use cardboard in the oven. It is totally unsafe and is not recommended in any condition.

Slows cooking time

The cardboard creates a hindrance between the pizza and the heat, slowing down the baking time of your pizza resultantly. This is particularly what you are looking for when you want a quick fix for your hunger cravings.

However, some frozen food products come in cardboard or paper packaging that is oven safe and can withstand oven temperatures. These can be safely used in the oven to bake your product.

Weird taste

Even if the cardboard does not catch fire, it can release toxic fumes that will make your pizza or any other product taste and smell funny. Moreover, most of the frozen products including pizza come packed in heavy-duty freezer plastic to protect them from freezer burn

If you put the entire cardboard with the pizza in the oven, this plastic can melt and contaminate your food.

Can you cook pizza on cardboard?

No, you cannot cook pizza on cardboard. It is not safe at all. It might be tempting to just put the pizza along with the cardboard it came in and treat yourself to a feast. But it is not worth it because safety comes first. 

Cardboard can ignite when exposed to 427°F or above temperature. Regardless of its contact with any heating element, the cardboard can catch fire even at temperatures lower than 427 degrees.

Moreover, the cardboard base that comes with the pizza and other frozen food products, has an anti-grease layer that contains a harmful chemical that may leech into your food resulting in contamination. 

What purpose does the cardboard base serve?

The sole purpose of the cardboard base in pizza and other frozen foods is support. The cardboard base holds the pizza so that it keeps its shape during its transport.

The base can also be used as a base for cutting the pizza and you can discard it later. This base may be made up of oven-safe material for some frozen products.


In this article, we answered the question “Can you use plastic wrap in the oven?”, and what temperature does plastic wrap melt at?